Ruston theater hosts play ‘The Diary of Anne Frank’

February 25, 2016


Anne Frank_USE

Alma Moegle as the titular character Anne Frank–Photo by Ruston Kevin Cuccia



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Ruston Community Theatre welcomed the community to a night of heartfelt entertainment with their rendition of “The Diary of Anne Frank.”


The play ran from Feb. 18-Feb. 21 at the Dixie Center for the Arts.


Alma Moegle, who played the role of Anne Frank, said she hopes people just see the message within the play.


“I hope they really understood more about the holocaust and how it affected people personally in their daily lives,” Moegle said.


She also said she thinks people should come out and support the arts.


“This is a great show in particular, and I think it’ll be enjoyable to all people who want to learn and like people who express themselves,” Moegle said.


She said there are a few laughs in the play, but the play is a serious matter and she thinks the audience will find it enjoyable.


Heather Peterson, who played the role of Edith Frank, Anne Frank’s mother, said she hopes audiences get a sense of realism.


“We can do dramas all day, but to have something that actually happened have people almost experience something that happened in the past, that they can relate to what’s going on today,” Peterson said.


She said Ruston Community Theatre creates a family and allows them to be able to give back and share with the community.


“Not only do we give to the audience that comes to see us but we give to each other,” Peterson said.


She also said the play may be emotional for some people because it allows them to truly experience an event from over 50 years ago and see what it was really like.


“You can expect to be humbled, to come and actually feel something. I think that’s probably what’s different about this production from other shows,” Peterson said.


Dusty Hampton, who played the role of Otto Frank, Anne Frank’s father, said he hopes the audience got to see the characters humanized through the play.


“Normally when you go to the theatre you see something that’s false, it kind of sounds like a true story but of course it’s fake and made up,” Hampton said. “But this one is so real, these people were real so you just kind of hope they see beyond the stage and see the people these characters were.”


Hampton said Ruston really thrives on culture and what the arts have to offer the community.


“There’s a lot to appreciate in the arts and normally people have to travel far to see things like that we offer here right in there backyard,” Hampton said.


Hampton also said he has been guilty before of being one of those people who think less of events in Ruston, but he said there is a lot to offer in Ruston and people should take advantage of those events.


“I cried just reading the script, it’s a very powerful piece,” Hampton said.


He said for people who have or have not read the story before, to see the story unfold before their eyes is powerful.


“You experience a whole new set of emotions watching it layout in front of you than just reading words on a page,” Hampton said.


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