Ruston house show venue hosts farewell shows

October 5, 2017

Hattiesburg-based band, The Devil Music Co., returned to Grandma’s House to headline the farewell show’s first night. – Photo by Starla Gatson


Starla Gatson

Editor-in-Chief | sjg021@latech.edu


Strings of twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling, sound equipment and a crowd of music lovers transformed an ordinary living room to a concert venue. On Sept. 15-16, David Love turned his home into “Grandma’s House” for the last time for the venue’s farewell weekend.


The shows, named Grandma’s Last Stand, included performances by Mississippi and South Louisiana based bands The Devil Music Co., Clothes, Harbor, Maintenance, Goth Dad and Derrick Savoie and local performers Whys of the Wise, Northeaster and Love.


Love and his friend, Mac Blades, started Grandma’s House in January 2016 and said he has been shocked by the amount of support they have received since then.


“Every show I think ‘man, nobody’s going to show up this time,’ especially that first show; I thought maybe only 10 people would show up,” he said. “There’s been hype around town and people have gotten behind it and that’s just cool to see. There have even been a few times where people have driven from out of state, so it’s been crazy.”


The community’s support has paid off for Love; 111 patrons attended the weekend’s shows.


Love, who recently accepted a position as an audio engineer in Nashville, said though ending Grandma’s House is a bittersweet experience, he is excited to see how Ruston’s music culture will continue to develop.


“Every time we do a show, I’m immediately thinking ‘oh, man, we could do this next time and it’s going to be so cool,’ so there’s a little bit of sadness that I won’t have the opportunity to do those things here anymore,” he said. “But I hope it continues in a sense and that other people will be able to pick up and do something.”


Hannah Lilly, a sophomore chemical engineering major, said this was her second time at Grandma’s House and said she most enjoyed the event’s atmosphere.


“It’s fun, but it’s good clean fun, and that’s something that’s really cool to have in Ruston,” she said. “It’s better than just going to a movie or hanging out at someone’s house; it’s something different to do.”


The venue’s atmosphere not only appeals to attendees, but also to the performers. Marshall Mckellar, lead singer of The Devil Music Co., called Grandma’s House his favorite venue because of the camaraderie.


“Grandma’s House is really unique in that it is incredibly positive and that everyone has the same goal and the same spirit,” he said. “That’s really rare at a house show; a lot of the time, you have competing interests. So when you go to that place, you know you’re there with friends, you know you’re there for the music and each other, and it’s a really peaceful place.”


Mckellar said it was a humbling experience to see the audience’s positive reaction to each of the bands.


“You’re singing with people you don’t even know but who cared enough about you and your music to learn the words and take the time to stay up late to jam with you,” he said. “I think that’s pretty special.”




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