Ruston hosts Dinner and a Movie event

April 14, 2016


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AJ Johnson gets a balloon animal made by Rainbow the Clown. Photo by Ashley Kober

AJ Johnson gets a balloon animal made by Rainbow the Clown. Photo by Ashley Kober


The Ruston Junior Auxiliary Club held its seventh  annual “Dinner and a Movie” event Saturday at the Women’s Softball Complex.



Several non-profit organizations from around Ruston set up booths at the event.



Jennifer Haberkost, gatekeeper and member of the Junior Auxiliary Club of Ruston, said the club always attempts to gather groups primarily oriented toward children.



“We’re a nonprofit who tries in whatever way possible, to help the community, the kids and family of Lincoln-Parish,” Haberkost said. “We are just a group of women who want to volunteer our time for them.”



Groups like Young Entrepreneurs Academy were there with candy and sack-tossing games while the Ruston High cheerleaders were on hand to perform a routine. There was also a Disney trivia contest on the field.



The Rotary Club of Ruston was also present to serve hamburger and hotdog plates to the attendees.



Fletcher Hyacinth, president elect of the Rotary Club of Ruston, said he enjoys the opportunity that the event represents for helpful organizations around Ruston.



“This is one of our best opportunities during the year. It’s great family time,” Hyacinth said.



“Our different organizations can have fun together with the children and their parents. Also important, the city of Ruston fire department is here and the area is pretty secluded, because we want them to have fun and feel safe.”



The organizers of the event also hired a clown.



The clown, Rainbow, said she was happy to be there and was especially glad children were not too afraid of her to make balloon animal requests.



“I always have a great time at events like these in Ruston. I enjoy getting to be a colorful bit of fun for children,” Rainbow said.



As the event promised, there was a movie shown to the kids at dusk.



DeShae Pardon, assistant to the public relations chair of the city of Ruston, said that she believes “Inside Out” was a very good choice for the year.



“We always choose to play an animated movie because this is fun for this type of age group, that would enjoy these type of events we have out on the field,” Pardon said. “You can’t really go wrong with a Pixar movie.”



She said that movies like “Inside Out” are able to manage a good balance of entertainment while teaching about emotional maturity.



Summer Hammons, vice president of public relations in Ruston, said she loves how perfectly the “Dinner and a Movie” event always goes.



She said the event was funded by a yearlong fundraiser and was happy to declare little money was needed by attendees.



“This event is a really fun event because the community gets to have a night of family fun at little or no costs,” said Hammons. “We simply want to serve out our community.”


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