Rosemary’s Kitchen offers healthy choices

September 27, 2012

Residents and students can eat fresh, balanced meals every day. - Photo by Jessica Van Alstyne


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It is not uncommon to hear students and Ruston residents say there are limited places to eat on campus and around town.


For local restuarant patrons, there is a certain excitement when a new eating establishment is opened.


Rosemary’s Kitchen, named after owner Sarah Corley’s mother and business partner, gives Ruston a new healthy option.


With their menu changing every day, and at least one vegetarian dish always offered, some residents and students agreed this restaurant is like no other in Ruston.


Corley said she was inspired by a love for cooking and finding new recipes in addition to frustration at not being able to find a similar place in town.


Located at 400 Bonner St., Rosemary’s Kitchen opened Sept. 17.


Corley said business has been wonderful and overwhelming. Lunch is served Monday through Friday between 11 a.m. and 1:30 p.m.


“We are grateful to the community for supporting us this week and have had so many positive comments about the restaurant and food,” she said, shortly after their opening.


Combining traditional family recipes with new world flavors, Rosemary’s Kitchen uses no processed food and most of the ingredients come from local farmers and vendors.


Its menu includes homemade casseroles, pies, spinach dip, muffins, soups, salad and sandwiches –– to name a few. Even their bread is hand kneaded.


“We wanted to offer a healthier alternative to the usual fast-food lunches available,” she said. “We believe this is what people want. They want to eat a wholesome, healthy meal, but they just don’t have the time, talent or desire to cook it themselves which is where we come in.”


Corley also said that she feels this restaurant will become a new favorite because of how bored Ruston residents seem with the food here.


“Being in Ruston, there are limited places to eat, and we are hoping to change that,” she said. “It feels like you are sitting down at your grandmother’s house and not in a cafeteria or a Chili’s. It’s very homey and comfortable.”


Corley said she believes residents will find another thing that sets Rosemary’s Kitchen apart is its gift shop, which features items produced by area vendors.


Handmade soaps, gift baskets, floral arrangements, dog treats, and unique kitchen and garden gifts are just a few of the things found there.

An employee slices fresh fruit and vegetables for the day’s meals. - Photo by Grace Moore


The gift shop is open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


“Although we promote items from some vendors who are not from Ruston, we have tried to give the local community an outlet for their merchandise,” Corley said. “There are some fabulous artists who don’t have a place to show their talents.”


Items sold in the gift shop are handcrafted by local woodcraftsmen and there is even a vendor from Hawaii who sells jewelry.


Maigan Koch, a graduate student in counseling, said she is excited about the new restaurant opening and its vegetarian choices since she is a vegetarian.


“I like that there is a wide variety of dishes to choose from. I also like that the food is not processed,” Koch said. “It is hard to get a clean-feeling experience when eating out, and it just feels so much better for your body when you can get that.”


Koch also said the gift shop gives a personal touch.


Trea O’Shea, a senior physics major, said with Rosemary’s being a Ruston-rooted restaurant, he thinks it adds something a bit more special into the mix.


“Since it is local you definitely get that at home feeling, and since most of the vendors are local it is like you get a little bit of Ruston in what you are eating,” he said. “They should definitely have some sort of event and give people the chance to sample their foods who have not heard about it.”


“The average college student would enjoy Rosemary’s Kitchen because we offer something different every day,” Corley said. “If they are homesick and missing Mom’s home cooking, here we are.”


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