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April 2, 2015


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In an effort to promote the importance of communication in the digital age, the Louisiana Tech history department invited writer and blogger Maya Lau to speak to students Mar. 20 in Wyly Auditorium.


Lau, a reporter for The Shreveport Times, said digital communication, can help when facing problems like writer’s block.


“Social media can help when you didn’t know what thought you were trying to express,” she said.


Lau, who has worked for the New York Times Magazine and written for the Huffington Post, said to be a good writer it is important to read more than one writes. She also offered advice for writing.


“People love reading things written in first-person,” she said. “Your own thoughts matter and your writing offers your way of looking at something.”


Hoping to broaden the teaching styles of writing and communication, history professors Dave Anderson and Drew McKevitt said they have begun using digital communication in their classes by having their students write blog posts.


“We want to change how they communicate so they are not just writing to please a professor,” McKevitt said.


Students were encouraged to engage in the talk, whether by asking questions or live-tweeting the discussion which was projected in front of the audience.


Some students said they found writing in an academic style to be difficult. McKevitt said this is what he and Anderson are trying to change.


“Start writing in a place you speak and then sophisticate it,” he said to the students.


Lau closed the discussion with advice for students to be engaged in the world outside of college.


“There are ways to feel interesting and engaging without feeling inadequate,” she said.


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