Regional band debuts at Sundown Tavern

April 7, 2016


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The band playing on stage at Sundown

The band playing on stage at Sundown


The Hollow Decks, Shreveport’s premiere ‘90s cover band, made its Ruston debut Friday night at Sundown Tavern.



The band consists of Dexter Duran, Gregg Gregory, Adam Pike and Ben Tynan. Each member was born in the ‘90s and shares a love of the era’s music.



“‘90s music has varying degrees of significance to everyone,” said Duran, the lead vocalist and guitarist, “but people never seem to hold a negative opinion of it in the same way they do of other eras.”



Duran said he and his bandmates love trying out different vocal approaches and always aim to sharpen their grasps on the overall style of ‘90s music.



“I sing the most, but Ben, Adam and Greg sing too,” Duran said. “We have songs that are very much Ben songs or Greg songs. When we take turns this frees each one of use up to join in on the harmony parts, which we pride ourselves on.”



Tynan, the rhythm guitarist, said the band was happy to play in Ruston, a college town with plenty of people who hold ‘90s music dear. He said doing justice to the covers they perform is his primary goal.



“Nostalgia is a major part of why I enjoy listening to and playing ‘90s music,” Tyran said. “I know that a lot of the people in this area from Louisiana Tech and Grambling have the same kind of fond memories.”



Tynan said the ‘90s is his favorite era of music because he believes it to be the artistically pure.



“The intentions of the artists of the ‘90s seemed truer than they do now, and I think that is what fans like, even for some of the songs that haven’t aged well,”Tynan said.



The band’s set list Friday night was composed of a wide range of perennial ‘90s hits. These included one-hit wonders and pop hits like The Spin Doctors’ “2 Princes” and rock favorites like Green Day’s “When I Come Around.”



“I was happy to hear them play some Green Day after a couple of songs I didn’t know,” said Caleb Richardson, a senior computer information systems major. “I’m not the biggest fan of ‘90s music, but their cover took me back and actually had me singing along.”



Gregory, the bassist and manager of the band, said he has a clear vision of the types of places he would like to book the band next.



“We’re emerging artists, so we’re not going to turn down many shows, but we do have a preference for interesting, distinctive venues,” Brooks said.



Gregory said they expected to play in New Orleans soon and intend to go on to several other Louisiana locales in the coming months.



“There’s just something about the South that we as a band enjoy,” Gregory said. “I think it’s the specific feel of the ‘90s that goes over well with people of the South, especially Louisiana.”



He said the band has been enjoying spreading their love for music.



“I hope one day I’ll be able to book them in even bigger venues,” said Gregory. “But I think, for now, the band is happy doing what they do, together in the state they love.”


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