Regal Blues perform with dance studios

October 25, 2012

The Regal Blues perform at the last football game against Idaho State University. The Regal Blues have recently added pyrotechnics to their game in efforts to put more emphasis on the halftime show due to the Tech Bulldog’s winning season. - Photo by Sumeet Shrestha


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Their hair whipped in the wind and uniforms sparkled under the stadium lights as the Regal Blues performed their halftime entertainment at Independence Stadium. For this performance, however, they were not alone.


Leah Beasley, associate athletic director for Tech, said the athletic department was contacted by a Tech donor who preferred to remain anonymous about creating a bigger performance than usual for the halftime entertainment of such a big game.


“The donor wanted the Regal Blues and the Band of Pride to shine,” she said.


From there she said athletics contacted a professional entertainment company called Scenic Solutions out of Utah to assist with the planning of this performance.


“The company has prepared and choreographed performances for the Olympics, Super Bowls and other professional sports halftime shows,” Beasley said. “It was their idea to draw in the local dance groups.”


Carol Anglin Dance Studio and the Evangel dance team from Evangel Christian Academy, both out of Shreveport, and Missy Crain Dance Studio out of Ruston and Monroe were the groups invited to join the Regal Blues in their performance, she said. All of these groups consisted of younger dancers.


The one male who danced with the team was a member of one of the groups, said Lauren Derveloy, head coach of the Regal Blues.


“Since he was part of the studio that was contacted by the entertainment company to do the performance, he was asked to participate and said yes,” she said.


The goal was to have a very big, elaborate performance, Derveloy said. Having a male, along with the dance companies, participating in the show allowed that goal to be reached.


Regardless of what students were thinking, the point of the male dancer performing alongside the team was not to promote a coed future, she said.


“If a guy is good enough though, and he wants to be on the team, then I’m not going to tell him no,” she said. “If he has the talent, he is more than welcome to be on the team. We’ve just never had a guy show up at tryouts.”


The team thoroughly enjoyed working with him and the other dancers, Derveloy added.


“They had a number of joint practices and it was really great,” she said. “They [Regal Blues] got to know the younger dancers and used it for recruitment for those who would be interested in dancing for Tech.”


Sonni Bennett, captain of the Regal Blues, said she felt the performance was a great idea and achieved what the Tech donor had in mind.


“I think everyone, including the fans, enjoyed our joint performance,” she said. “It is always a great feeling to know that your hard work paid off.”


Beasley said to get the more elaborate performance they wanted, they took things to a more professional level. At the end of the show, she said they used a technique that involved a firework display.


“That technique was called pyrotechnics,” she said. “They also added physical numbers [the dance companies] to the field to supplement the numbers of the Regal Blues and the band.”


Derveloy said she thought the performance spoke volumes for Tech.


“It was nice to make a bigger statement and let people know we are a bigger university,” she said. “We are strong.”


Due to its success, Derveloy and who both said they hope to have another joint performance in the future.


“If another opportunity comes up and athletics approves, I don’t see why we shouldn’t,” Derveloy said.


Beasley said they have always wanted to break into the Shreveport market, and with the game being played in Shreveport, this joint performance was their perfect chance.


“This was our home game,” she said. “We wanted to put our stamp on our home game.”


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