Reed and Metallica album fails to meet expectations

November 10, 2011

RATING: One of Five Stars – Photo courtesy of RCA Records

Mary Timmons
Associate Editor


Usually when two different musicians combine their talents, they are capable of producing a unique sound that others can enjoy. Unfortunately for Metallica and Lou Reed, that is not the case.


After first hearing about the album, “Lulu,” I was rather excited. Metallica has produced numerous Grammy-winning hits since the early 90s. Then there is Lou Reed who has had much success as a solo musician and with The Velvet Underground.


With the collaboration of two renowned rock legends, how can this album not be a success? It wasn’t until I heard the first track that my excitement slowly dwindled down to non-existent.


If you can make it through “Brandenburg Gate” without wanting to change to the next song, more power to you. Sadly even after the first track there is not much to look forward to.


The tracks “The View” and “Iced Honey” are not completely atrocious, but they’re not exactly great either. If the album was not filled with songs that are longer than seven minutes, I might have been able to force myself to enjoy it more.


Just when you think it’s over, there is an entire second part to the album. Listeners should not get too excited about part two due to the fact that there is one song that will take about 20 minutes of your time.


It works out well though, students can listen to the entire track “Junior Dad” while attempting to find a parking place where you won’t be ticketed. It wouldn’t be so bad if the track had a decent chorus.


By the end of the song, all I wanted to do was pull the vocalist up out of his “half drowning” sorrows and ask him what the hell “sunny, a monkey then to monkey” actually means. The only point I actually gained from this track is that this is in fact “the greatest disappointment.”


This is honestly one of the worst collaborations I have ever heard. These rock legends work better separately. Next time, leave the collaborations to artists who know how to work with one other.


If you want to give the album a chance, be forewarned about the time you will never get back and the $15 that you could have spent paying off a parking ticket.


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