Rabb’s undergoes transformation with new ownership

September 19, 2013


The new location is made official with the sign as the final touch after a successful grand opening. - Photo by Devin Dronett

The new location is made official with the sign as the final touch after a successful grand opening. – Photo by Devin Dronett



Three guys in their late 20s got to see their dreams become a reality when they bought Rabb’s Steakhouse in August.


Larry Rabb, the former owner, said he never thought he would sell the place, but rather die working there.


“I had been there 20 years and I got to be 65 years old and decided it was time to retire,” he said.


Rabb said lately his interests have peaked with hunting and fishing and he plans to spend his time pursuing those hobbies.


As for the bar, Rabb said he got to meet the new owners and he thinks they will do well.


“They’re young guys and they’re really interested in it and I think they’re going to do real well,” he said.


Alex Eddy, Chris Harsch and Rob Owens, all Louisiana State University alumni and former employees of Reggie’s Bar in Baton Rouge, have high hopes for their new bar, The Revelry.


The three co-owners along with Bill Daniels, the manager of The Revelry, have 35 years of combined experience in the restaurant and bar industry, Eddy said.


“I’m from Ruston,” Owens said. “Working in the bar industry, I knew what kind of potential this place had. I always joked around growing up saying if this place ever went up for sale I would just change the ‘a’ to an ‘o’ and call it Robb’s.“


As to how The Revelry actually got it’s name, credit is due to Owens.


“I was riding around in my car listening to The Kings of Leon song, “Revelry,” and I’ve always liked that song,” he said. “I knew what revelry was, but I wanted to look it up. The dictionary definition is, ‘loud and boisterous activity usually involving large amounts of alcohol.’ I thought that’s great, when I open my bar I might call it that.”


And that he did. Along with the bar being renamed The Revelry, the three also decided to call the steakhouse Beau Vines.


“It’s a play off of bovine,” Harsch said. “It will be a little more upscale, meant to cater to young professional to businessman-type customers.”


Owens said the group wanted to do something for people closer to their age with the space on the steakhouse side, while the other side will continue to cater to the college-age group.


Along with rebranding, the three saw several opportunities to upgrade the existing facilities and operations.


“We updated the menu while keeping the favorites,” Harsch said. “We’ll be doing a brunch option, too.”


The bar side will now be serving lunch and dinner in a sports-bar type atmosphere where customers can enjoy their food while watching one of the 10 flat screen televisions that will be installed, he said.


“People who don’t want the intimate setting will be able to sit around and catch a game and drink some beer,” Harsch said. “We’re just trying to give people more options and see where there’s a need and what people want. That’s ultimately what it is; we’re going to give the customers what they want.”


From their experience in the industry, the team said they have picked up different fun ideas that they look forward to bringing to Ruston.


“Like the other night when we played the fight song and poured shots, it’s just something fun for everyone,” Harsch said.


Ashton Burch, a junior communication design major, who attended The Revelry’s opening night last Monday, said she thinks the new bar will be successful.


“I don’t know if everyone was just excited for it to be opening night, but the atmosphere was really fun and energetic,” she said. “I absolutely loved the remodeling they did.”


Bartender Shelby Jordan, a junior interior design major, said she thinks it was a good night from a customer’s standpoint.


“It was pretty packed,” she said. “It was way more packed than I expected it to be, but everyone seems to love it. I’ve heard really, really good reviews since then.”


“I think The Revelry is exactly what Ruston needs,” she said. “It’s a good fresh start.”


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