Pre-vet club emphasizes learning with ‘Dog Dip’

September 27, 2012

A Ruston girl hugs her dog after it was dipped by Pre-Vet members. - Photo by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay


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Dog owners from all over Ruston and Lincoln Parish brought their beloved pooches to Reese Hall for the Pre-Veterinary Medicine Club’s semi-annual Dog Dip last Saturday.


Several members of the Pre-Vet club hosted the event and carried out all of the grooming tasks.


Local residents were able to get their canines clipped, washed and dipped for fleas for $7.


Whether washing and drying or easing the minds of nervous pups, it was an all-hands effort by the student organization.


Laura Boyd, a senior pre-vet major and publicist of the Pre-Vet Club, said the money raised by the club will be used to pay for a major trip.


“Each year we take a trip to a different post-graduate veterinarian school located in the region,” Boyd said. “This allows us to see the facilities and meet faculty and students first hand.”


Cameron White, a sophomore pre-vet major, said the club provides a great way to learn about veterinarian science.


“Our club gives us a fun opportunity to gain experience and guidance towards our career goal of one day becoming a veterinarian,” White said.


Under the faculty advisement of Mark Murphey, an assistant professor of agricultural science, the Pre-Vet club also plays an active role in the Pets Uplifting People’s Spirits project.


Tanner Roberts, a sophomore and Pre-Vet Club treasurer, talked about PUPS and the service it provides local nursing homes.


“With PUPS, we take real calm, loving dogs to different nursing homes around Ruston,” Roberts said. “This allows the residents there to have interaction with pets just like you or I would and it really uplifts their day.”


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