Post Malone drops “rockstar”

October 6, 2017


Kacie Kaufman

Managing Editor | kjk019@latech.edu


Add two influential rap names, a rolling, repetitive verse and smooth, deep instrumentation and a hit song may be the result. This seems to be the case with Post Malone’s newest track, simply titled “rockstar.”


Earlier this month, Post Malone released the new single, featuring 21 Savage, from the record label Republic Records.


“rockstar” is the first single off Malone’s sophomore album, following his debut album, “Stoney.” The second album, which was rumored to have a release date earlier this year, now is scheduled to be released later this year.


While the title of “rockstar” might lead one to believe the track would feature grating guitars and dark drumming, the song takes an unexpected turn in its apparent mellow sound (but not necessarily mellow content).


The track, which features heavy yet easy-to-stomach bass and beats, seems to foreshadow an upcoming album of more laid-back tracks featuring party-lifestyle lyrics.


The single has spent time at the top of the iTunes single chart and continues to rise in popularity on radio stations and other media venues.


The lyrics are a commentary on what Americans and pop-culture perceive to be the rock star lifestyle. The track is defined by references of drugs and alcohol, accompanied by multiple mentions of female groupies.


The song somewhat redeems itself with its lyrical rapping and bass-heavy beats, which pull the listener into the track throughout its duration. It is an easy listen, and seems as though it would be a suitable accompaniment to a rolling through any town or city with the windows down. One of the only other redeeming factors of the song is perhaps 21 Savage’s reference to a Pop Tart in his featured verses.


The song, however, lacks originality in content. Repetitive lyrics centered on the rock star image, drugs and violence are nothing new in today’s musical landscape.


Post Malone himself has more to offer than just this song, though. He has a wide musical scope, and is also a guitarist and has a background in producing music.


After his breakthrough SoundCloud hit, “White Iverson,” from 2015, Post Malone was considered by a number of record companies. “rockstar” is a follow-up on the 22-year-old’s building success and career.


In all, the work is a typical party song that will most likely fill clubs, bars and house parties until the next hit rolls around. While it seems to have little substance (other than its heavy use of what sounds like substance abuse), it has some pop-culture value and features the key ingredients to rule the charts for at least a short while.


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