Post Malone drops more of the same with ‘Beerbongs and Bentleys’

May 17, 2018


Beerbongs and Bentleys – Two out of Five Stars



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Post Malone ended April on a high note with a number one debut to his second studio album “Beerbongs & Bentleys” and nearly 47.9 million streams on Spotify. The album was certified platinum on April 30, only three days after its release.


The album is a solid release from the 22 year old rapper/singer. It plays to many of the strengths that Post Malone is known for, such as catchy hooks and decent vocal performances. Many times on the record, Post Malone blends his natural voice with chilling melodies that make the emotion in his songs really connect with listeners. He occasionally pairs it with a solid blend of autotune that works well and is not too distracting. That said, the autotune does occasionally get in the way such as on the hook of “Spoil My Night.”


The beats on the album are not that much of a change from normal trap beats. For the most part, each beat can be described as moody, triplet-heavy and generic. Post Malone seems to just recycle the same sounds that have made him famous. There is little in the way of new or refreshing ideas in terms of production. The mixing is done well but it overall, Post’s production leaves much to be desired.


Some of the better parts of this record come from who Post chose to feature instead of his own performances. The single “rockstar” has the amazingly cold feature from 21 Savage which is still a shining moment in the song and on the album. The album also features Ty Dolla Sign, YG and G-Eazy, who all make great impacts on their respective songs.


Although not known for his lyricism, Post Malone does seem to have phoned it in on some lyrics while others are actually clever and refreshing. For the most part, all his songs are just the same repetitive R&B themes we have heard before: money, women, partying and being sad. There are a few moments that stick out, like “Stay,” which is probably the singer’s best and most unique song. The two references to The Rock in “Spoil My Night” made me laugh but was immediately marred by the line “I ain’t even seen her face, but she got beautiful boobies.” Come on, Post, really?


The album as a whole feels bloated and full. Although it is fairly common in the age of streaming to see long albums, “Beerbongs & Bentleys” is 18 songs in length, which is about five songs too long. Most of the tracks are repeating the same ideas and sounds that the others have, which makes the album drag along and get boring.


Overall the album is decent, but just seems like everything else Post Malone has made. It contains a handful of really solid vocal performances and some bangers but lacks any sort of depth or uniqueness. Honestly, it seems as in Post Malone had some good tracks and then tacked on several more filler tracks to make money off of the streams.


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