Pi Kappa Phi hosts week of philanthropy events

April 21, 2016


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Pi Kappa Phi spent the week biking for charity during the fraternity’s 2016 Philanthropy Week.



From April 11-15, the fraternity hosted several events and fundraisers including a dunk tank and a profit sharing dinner to raise money and support for an organization called the Ability Experience. The week also included the fraternity’s pledge to continuously ride stationary bicycles from noon Monday to 9 p.m. Friday.



“The Ability Experience is unique because we actually own it,” said Avery Neal, the fraternity’s philanthropy chair. “It supports people with disabilities, ranging all the way from autism to physical handicaps.”



Neal said Pi Kappa Phi’s national organization is the only fraternity to own its own philanthropy, and Ability Experience events are held nationwide to raise money and awareness for the cause.



“Some of the service that is done through the Ability Experience includes summer or weekend camps for kids to come to and participate in activities that they wouldn’t normally be able to do because of their disability,” he said.



Finn Langley, a freshman biology major, said all funds from the week would provide people with disabilities an opportunity to live more comfortably.



“All the money goes toward buying supplies to help fix and renovate camps and houses for them,” Langley said.



The week also included a petition called “Spread the Word to End the Word” as well as an empathy dinner where students are assigned a disability and must portray it throughout the meal.



“The purpose of ‘Spread the Word to End the Word’ is to get people to stop using the ‘r’ word because it can be really hurtful to people,” said Jacob Cambre, a biology major. “And during the empathy dinner, you really put yourself in someone else’s shoes.”



Christian Brown, a business management major, said this is the first time Pi Kappa Phi has devoted an entire week to philanthropy events and said they are pleased to see students responding to the cause positively.



“We’ve gotten a really good response this week,” he said. “And we’ve had a lot of people sign the petition.”



Brown said students have even come to give donations to the cyclists at one and two in the morning.



Neal said students have seemed to enjoy all of the week’s activities and have been very involved in each event.



“There have been lots of donations and some students just stop by the tent and talk about our philanthropy with us,” he said. “It’s great. We had no idea this week would be as big of a success as it has been.”


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