Petition to deport Bieber goes to the White House

February 20, 2014




Paul Dauterive
Staff Reporter


After a series of allegations and illegal fiascos, a petition has been made on whitehouse.


gov calling for the deportation of Canadian singer Justin Bieber.


The petition has reached the appropriate number of signatures required in order for the White House to make an official response to the outrage.


“I say let’s get this guy out of here,” said Daniel Ouchley, junior biology major.


Ouchley said although he did not know about the petition, he is glad they are trying to get Justin Bieber deported.


“He is a corruption to the youth,” said Ouchley. “It degrades us here in the United States.’


More than 250,000 people agree with Ouchley and have signed the whitehouse.gov petition titled “Deport Justin Bieber and revoke his green card.”


It says, “We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber’s from our society.”


The petition mentions its reasons for Justin Bieber deportation as him being a negative image for America pop culture and music, as well as being a danger to society for recklessness and drug abuse.


Even U.S. Senator Mark Warner of Virginia made comments on social media advocating the petition.


Through all the outrage and frustration it seems hard to find a true fan of Justin Bieber these days.


David Anderson, a history professor who also teaches music history, said the outrage comes from resentment towards Justin Bieber for the idea of him having too much money for his age.


“The guy broke the law joy riding but don’t begrudge him because he has money,” Anderson said.


Anderson said he believes that when people blame Bieber, they are really blaming the younger generation.


He said he believes that the younger generation should be offended since young people are not the only ones that break the law.


“I know older people with money that are immature,” said Anderson.


As for the whitehouse.gov petition, Anderson said he is not counting it having any real weight.


“We can’t arbitrarily pick one person just because we don’t like them,” said Anderson. “It’s not something we can do by vigilante or public opinion.”


Bieber’s Feb. 14 hearing was rescheduled to Mar. 3 and it will be interesting to see the results of yet another celebrity court case.


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