Personal training gives Lambright help

April 5, 2013


DeKeldric Walker, a senior GIS major and a worker at Maxie Lambright Intramurel, said personal trainers are a great way for students to keep in shape. – Photo by Derek J. Amaya

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When the going gets tough, there is always an extra hand that can be lent.


Personal training is being offered in the Lambright Recreation and Fitness Center, and members of the fitness center think this is very convenient to Tech students.


DeKeldric Walker, a senior geographic information systems major, said he believes it is good for students to stay in shape.


“It is motivational to students that want to work out because of having someone who knows what they’re doing holding you accountable,” Walker said. “I believe it is beneficial for incoming freshmen because it is a way for them to interact with other students through group workouts.”


Walker said he feels the tips offered are helpful for maintaining a person’s health.


“The diet and weight loss tips are good for college students because of the unhealthy foods most students eat,” Walker said.


Other members of the staff said they believe the help received is a great way to promote healthy diets for students.


Jessie Boswell, a junior kinesiology major, said she believes the discipline and flexibility of the trainers are important for students to understand.


“Having a personal trainer is a great way to keep you accountable, and it also promotes discipline,” Boswell said.  “The schedules of the trainers are flexible, so students can work out around their school schedule.”


Boswell said he believes the weight assessments and discounts are beneficial to Tech students.


“Students can come in and take a weight assessment to see what their goals will be for losing weight,” Boswell said. “Tech students also receive a discount for using the personal trainers at the Lambright.”


Some Tech students agree this is a good service for the Lambright to provide.


Brandon Donahue, a sophomore business management major, said he believes personal training is a great way for the Lambright to provide students extra help in staying healthy and staying in shape.


“I just think it’s useful to have for those people who do need someone to push them and make them work out hard rather than being lazy,” Donahue said.  “I haven’t ever used a personal trainer before, but I think it’s a great way to show people that working out can be fun and very beneficial at the same time.”


Donahue said he feels having the personal training service at the on-campus fitness center is very convenient.


“Now that the Lambright is growing, it’s nice to see extra developments such as personal training and other amenities of the gym,” Donahue said. “It makes not only the Lambright, but Tech in general, look better to visitors, and shows them Tech can compete with anyone.


Donahue said his family would be glad the fitness center offers tips for staying healthy.


“I know my parents would be pleased to know that I have people offering help while I’m at Tech.”


Other students said they believe personal training is good because it encourages more students to work out and have healthier habits.


Patrick Beatty, a sophomore accounting major, said he believes the new personal training will benefit the Lambright and help more students want to get in shape.


“Having personal training basically in your back yard would definitely make me want to work out to be healthier,” Beatty said. “I hope people do take advantage of the opportunity because I never thought Tech would have something like this.”


Beatty said he feels students should be more aware of their health and want to maintain a better lifestyle.


“I think most students at Tech want to work out but choose not to because of the time it takes and the wear it causes on their bodies,” Beatty said. “Having a personal trainer keeps you more focused on your health and how much you work out, rather than going once a month and quitting because of how hard it is.”


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