Peace through sports

February 21, 2014




Chad Merrit
Sports Editor


The XXII Olympic Winter Games, amidst all the controversy, are nearly completed. Despite all the risk of terrorism and political strife, the games have continued to this point without any major hiccups.


Much like most Olympic Games of the past, the high points during the Games will overshadow the lowlights discussed prior to the games.


T.J. Oshie conquered Russia in a classic hockey match, Americans swept the first-ever Olympic men’s slopestyle ski competition and 15-year-old Yulia Lipnitskaya became one of the youngest Olympians to win gold.


The Olympic Games are only one example showing how sports have always had the ability to bring solidarity to the masses.


The pain of national and natural disasters like Sept. 11th and Hurricane Katrina were eased when sporting events resume. Baseball’s return following 9/11 and the country rallying around the Saints during their 2006 campaign are just two examples of sports bringing us all together.


Success in sports can just as easily bring us together as well. Bulldog basketball is as good now as it’s been in a while. Coach Mike White has a special team we should all support as they approach postseason play.


Wouldn’t you want to tell your friends and family that you went to the last home game of the season before the basketball team won a national championship?


The one thing everybody on this campus shares is that we are Tech fans.


No matter who we are or what we do, we all cheer for the red and blue.


It is easy to become a crazed fan and get behind something; just go to a game and enjoy it.


The message for my last piece of college writing ever is simple: support your team. Regardless of what your “team” is, being supported has never hurt anyone.


With a supporting cast and a little luck who knows, Tech may have another National Championship before you know it.


This column is dedicated to everyone who ever believed and befriended me. From my rapscallion friends in college to those who read my columns on the Internet from afar.


Thank you all, Godspeed and Who Dat.


Chad Merritt is a senior journalism major from Livingston. Email comments to cam059@latech.edu.


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