Parking decal price increases

September 19, 2014


Staff Reporter

Universities across Louisiana charge their students for parking passes with prices that range from $100 (ULM) to as high as $575 (Tulane).

Louisiana Tech has consistently stayed under the average  cost, charging its students only $40 a pass for the past seven years. This year, however, the price has increased to $60, a price that has left some students annoyed.

Savannah Chrisman, who works in the ticket office, said the price increase has caused a stir in the students because they do not like paying so much for a sticker.

“Some students were not happy about the price change,” said Chrisman, a sophomore elementary special education major. “But, no one refused to buy a decal.”

While some students are not happy about the price change, others, like Nicolette Schilling, did not mind.

“I didn’t have a reaction to the price change at all because $60 wasn’t a big deal to me; especially compared to the price at other places that I have been,” said Schilling, a senior mathematics and finance major.

Dickie Crawford, dean of student life and auxillary services, said the money students pay goes to funding the police station, traffic office and the salaries of the workers there.

“The cost to keep the police station and traffic office running isn’t cheap,” he said.

Crawford also said the extra money goes to repairing campus police vehicles, the cost of gas and making minor repairs to the parking lots.

“The raise in the decal price is helping to compensate for the increase in the police and traffic office budget,” he said.

Crawford also said Tech has the cheapest parking price in the state and one of the cheapest in the country.

Crawford said the university did not want to increase the price, but they had to make changes to keep up with the rapid growth of student enrollment.

Senior finance major Nick Oliver said he looked at the price increase from an economic view.

“Parking stickers are a product, just like anything else, and with the increase in demand for parking stickers, the price will also increase,” he said.

Crawford said university administration is conscious of the cost and is working to keep it at a reasonable price.

He also said the cost of tuition does not have any impact on the funding of the police station and traffic office. Tuition covers the cost of the classroom; faculty’s salaries and facilities.

“We do not want to affect the classroom, but we do want to ensure the safety and security of our students,” Crawford said.

Crawford said students do not have to worry about the price of parking decals increasing again anytime soon.

“As a university, we know that as we continue to grow we’re going to have to make changes and we’re prepared for that,” he said.

Crawford said the main concern of the university administration is the students’ safety.

“The most important thing is for our campus to be safe and that is what the police station is for,” he said. “That is where the money is going to.”

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