Out with the old, in with the new

December 19, 2014


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As the holiday season quickly approaches, talk of celebrating the New Year is a main topic of conversation.


A common tradition people take part in is making a New Year’s resolution where they either give something up for the year or make some sort of commitment.


Stephanie Renshaw, a sophomore speech pathology major, said making a New Year’s resolution is a way to start the year fresh.


“I think people make New Year’s resolutions because they want to start the year strong,” Renshaw said. “They want to make changes to their life and the start of the year is a great time to do it.”


Renshaw said she has made resolutions before but has not always stuck to them.

“Each year I try something, but I have never stuck to them because life has gotten in the way,” she said.


Renshaw said this year she is going to try making a new resolution and will attempt to give up soft drinks.


“I love vanilla Dr. Pepper from Sonic, so I am going to try to slowly wean myself off of soft drinks,” she said.




While there are people who try each year to make a resolution, there are those who think making New Year’s resolutions are a silly idea.


Ibrahim Bouchaffra,  a sophomore biology major, said he has not once made a New Year’s resolution.


“I only think people make a big deal out of this whole thing because they realize they need to make some sort of change in their life,” Bouchaffra said.


Bouchaffra said people see the start of a new year as an opportunity to start fresh.


“When people are given an opportunity to start again, they grab it,” Bouchaffra said. “People grab onto the opportunity and most of the time do not stick to it.”


Hannah Spence, a junior photography major, said she thinks the reason people do not stick to resolutions is because they get bored after a while.


“The longest I have stuck to a resolution was until the end of May,” she said. “I was only drinking water, but I stopped because I like caffeine too much.”


While some people attempt to make resolutions, there are some who do not attempt at all because they know they will not stick to it.


“Now, I do not even attempt to make a resolution,” Spence said. “I know I am probably not going to stick to it.”


To a lot of people, the new year signifies a time to make changes in their lives.


Making a New Year’s resolution gives people the opportunity to make this change and hopefully stick with it.


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