Open Sewing event for residents

February 25, 2016



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The Fabric Shop in downtown Ruston held its Open Sewing event, Feb. 16 from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. in its shop classroom, which was open to anyone who wanted to be creative and loved to sew.


Louise and Ron Adams have been in the fabric business for 32 years and said they have enjoyed every minute of it.


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Ron Adams shows the inside of one sewing machine and explains how it works–Photo by Jonathan Shaul

Louise said The Fabric Shop is not just a business, but something she and her husband love to do and wants others to enjoy their time at the shop as well.


“We have our open sewing class every Tuesday,” Louise said. “This way people can come learn how to sew or get help with their sewing projects.”


She said Open Sewing is not a formal sewing class, but in order to participate, people must call or go online to sign up before attending.


Adams said it is necessary to sign up first so she can make accommodations so everyone may have their own table, space to work and a sewing machine if they need to borrow one.


Karen Humphrey is a worker and the teacher for the Fabric Shop’s sewing class on Tuesdays.


“I have a great time working here,” Humphrey said. “But it’s more like I’m playing than working.”


She said when not working at her quilt shop, she spends her days off at The Fabric Shop. She said she likes being a teacher at the shop because everyone is doing something different.


“I think people enjoy coming here to sew because it is an open atmosphere,” Humphrey said.


She said most people who go to the Open Sewing class usually have their own kind of project they are comfortable with working on.


However, she said some members who go and are working on big projects, such as a quilt, tend to encourage others to try something new. Jon Anne Winstead, a club member and frequent sewer, has been going to the Open Sewing class for about eight months.


“I love it,” Winstead said. “We get to sew, eat food, be social and just laugh with each other.”


Winstead said she loves to be with everyone, but said her only problem is she works at the courthouse and has to rush from the courtroom to make it in time to work on her sewing.


“Overall, I think it’s wonderful to be able to bring projects, get help with it if needed, and see what others are doing,” Winstead said.


She said, like others, she is only a beginner and enjoys being able to learn new sewing techniques.


The Open Sewing class is mostly adults, Adams said they also offer a sewing camp throughout the summer for kids to learn how to sew and do different projects, such as making pillow cases, hair accessories and pouches.


“Sewing isn’t for only adults,” Adams said. “It’s open to anyone who wants to be creative and loves to sew.”


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