One Direction, or two?

January 31, 2013


Staff Reporter


Jackson 5, New Edition, New Kids on the Block, Backstreet Boys, One Direction—the boy bands with their handsome looks and mushy love songs have been around for years.


Most boy bands may have that “look” and sex appeal in common, but when their song titles only have one-word differences, things may have been taken too far.


It has recently been noticed that One Direction’s song names are incredibly similar to the Backstreet Boys’.


At least five similar song titles have been identified.


Does this mean One Direction has taken one turn for the worse?


Jennifer Kassab, a sophomore accounting major, said she noticed the similar titles of hit songs right away, but it did not affect her choice to listen to the band.


“I have listened to the songs that are supposedly rip-offs, and they have completely different messages,” she said. “One Direction is more youthful while Backstreet Boys’ songs are, honestly, more mature.”


She said Backstreet Boys sing about “love” while One Direction sings about crushes and taking girls home.


One Direction actually hired the same songwriter the Backstreet Boys had for many of their albums.


“I do not believe the guys of One Direction should be criticized for something management has control over,” she said. “Management needs to clean house and find some fresh, new writers like Ed Sheeran, who has written many songs for them.”


Jena McCullin, a senior secondary education major, said she agrees that song title similarity is not a big deal, and this boy band drama is petty.


“I doubt One Direction purposely copied song titles,” she said. “Plus when you listen to a song, you do not usually think about the song’s title.”


McCullin said One Direction as a whole is imitative simply because they are the epitome of the typical boy band.


“The song titles are just a tiny point in proving they are not unique,” she said. “We could probably get a few guys in Tolliver together, put them in a professional recording studio and the fans would crowd.”


One Direction may have different accents and lack dancing skills but they are a generic boy band just like the Backstreet Boys and all of the others, so who gets to be mad for the years of rip-offs?


“Backstreet Boys do not get to be mad because they ripped-off New Kids on the Block, 98 Degrees and many more ’90s boy bands,” Kassab said. “They have no room to judge another band just because it has more worldwide success than they did.”


Calyn Bennett, a freshman nutrition and dietetics major, said there are two ways to look at the entire situation.


“The Backstreet Boys could be flattered that they inspire younger singers, or they could be mad, feel ripped-off and sue for all the money it is worth,” she said. “Money is what it is all about in the end anyway.”


The Backstreet Boys seem to be old news, and if die-hard Backstreet fans are upset then it may be time to move on. That is what it seems the One Direction fans are doing anyway.


“I love their personalities, singing abilities and even looks,” Kassab said. “They make an amazing group. Girls all over the whole world will always respond to their charm and songs, and come on, who does not love British guys?”


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