Obama calls for a ‘year of action’

January 30, 2014




Kaleb Causey


The State of the Union address is a tradition that I have enjoyed for years. To get the opportunity to hear directly from the president about his plans for the upcoming year is something that is undervalued in our country.


President Barack Obama had all eyes on him for his fifth State of the Union address Tuesday night, and he did not disappoint.


In what I rate as his best speech yet, he called for a “year of action” and asserted that he will use his full executive authority to make sure the American people have the opportunity for success.


He also called out congressional Republicans for their more than 40 attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act and urged members of Congress to do everything they could to help the American people.


He spoke a lot about income inequality, a subject that appears to be the topic of the year for the Democrats.


“Today, after four years of economic growth, corporate profits and stock prices have rarely been higher, and those at the top have never done better,” he said. “But average wages have barely budged. Inequality has deepened. Upward mobility has stalled. The cold, hard fact is that even in the midst of recovery, too many Americans are working more than ever just to get by — let alone get ahead. And too many still aren’t working at all.”


While Obama touched on many issues he plans to pursue in the coming year, one that stood out was immigration reform, which has been a talking point for a few years now.


The president urged Congress to take up the issue and to try to reach a compromise.


Overall, Obama’s speech was very strong. He dictated the accomplishments of his administration and followed up with calls for action.


He is not a president of complacency. Instead, he is always looking for the next great thing that Americans can do and the next possibility for the government to improve the lives of its citizens through equality, immigration reform and healthcare.


He knows that the only way to be successful in his last three years in office is to make Americans lives better.


“In the coming months, let’s see where else we can make progress together,” he said. “Let’s make this a year of action. That’s what most Americans want — for all of us in this chamber to focus on their lives, their hopes, their aspirations.”


Kaleb Causey is a senior political science and journalism major from Jonesboro who serves as editor-in-chief for The Tech Talk. Email comments to ktc013@latech.edu.


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