Nursing students navigate Career Day

February 5, 2018


Staff Reporter | tmw055@latech.edu


The Student Nurses Association held their annual career fair for nursing students on Jan. 23 at the Davison Athletics Complex.


Among the 121 clinical students that were present, there were 20 degree programs and facilities that attended the event. Door prizes were given and there were four students that received scholarships of $1,000 each.


Mackenzie Hendrix, president of the SNA, said the focus of Career Day was for it to be a networking process for the students to learn about the different degree programs and job opportunities that are available.


“I think the most important thing to accomplish for any student nurse is to get your name out there and make an impression on the booths that are here,” Hendrix said. “They’re expecting to have some nurses to hire.”


She said a location change from the TONK was a considerate move for the career fair because it provided more space for the booths.


“Last year, it was very crowded because we had so many people that came,” she said. “I think it’s amazing that we had the chance to have it in the DAC because it’s more open and a bigger and nicer space.”


Hendrix said she hopes Career Day helps the students gain insight on what facility they want to work at once they graduate.


“I hope it encourages them to find a future employer and also to further their careers,” she said. “We want everybody to keep going and further their education.”


Jessica Carter, a nursing recruiter from University Health-Shreveport and a Louisiana Tech alumna, said she saw many potential employees and shared some valuable advice.


“Don’t be afraid to ask questions,” she said. “Always do a little background about the facility. Know something about it when you come to their table. That’s very impressive.”


Carter emphasized on how first impression was essential on Career Day. She said she would encourage students to come prepared and keep an open mind.


Ambria Roberson, a senior nursing student who will graduate in May, said conversing with the facilities was what she enjoyed most about Career Day.


“The benefit is that it’s only focused on nursing,” Roberson said. “It’s good to have a day just for us.”


She said she felt that people should come to nursing school at Tech because the program could be completed quickly.


“It’s the best nursing program in Louisiana and we’re only an associate degree.”


Naomi Hill, a sophomore nursing student, said she felt like she learned a lot during her first encounter with the employers.


“One of my goals was to find a facility that offered a nurse tech job,” she said. “I asked a lot of facilities did they offer one because some facilities do and some don’t.”


Hill said the idea of the SNA hosting a Career Day outside of Tech’s quarterly one was perfect because they had the benefit of obtaining information on the job opportunities and degree programs offered.


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