NSBE holds week of events

September 29, 2016

Starla Gatson
Staff Reporter | sjg021@latech.edu



Free burritos and group study sessions were just two of the ways Louisiana Tech’s National Society of Black Engineers introduced themselves to the student body during the first NSBE Week of the year.


The week consisted of both recreational events, such as bowling and game nights, as well as academic events, including résumé and career fair workshops.


Dequinton Gie, NSBE’s programs chair, said the goal of the week was to allow more of the student body to become acquainted with the organization and its purpose.


“Although it’s a week that’s mainly for us, we use it to give back to the school and empower the students and help them professionally,” he said. “That’s part of our mission.”


Gie, a sophomore chemical engineering major, said because the organization is one of his top priorities, he plans to host NSBE week three times this year.


“Other than my degree, NSBE is at the top of my list of things to get done,” he said. “So I spend a lot of time trying to figure out how I can make the organization better and more well known, and NSBE Week is a great way to do that.”


Quinton Townsel, the organization’s academic excellence chair, said he believes after the week’s events, more students will become interested in joining the society.


“Throughout the week, students have been able to see many of the benefits of NSBE such as professional development workshops, academic assistance and a national career fair held every year,” he said. “Many students have been constantly contacting board members to get information on how to join, and the week has only just begun.”


Townsel said students have seemed to respond positively to the week’s events and student attendance has grown in comparison to last year.


“I noticed a significant increase in participation during this week’s events,” he said. “I’ve also noticed  our participants are more diverse than the previous year. Not only has involvement become more diverse with race and ethnicity but also in classifications and majors.”


Bri Morgan, a sophomore industrial engineering major, said she enjoyed NSBE Week because it allowed her to become part of a community and meet new people.


“This was actually my first time participating, and I love it,” she said. “It was the first time I’ve ever gotten to be part of a group here, and it was interesting.”


Morgan said in addition to providing her opportunities to build new relationships, the organization has also allowed her to make academic connections.


“If you ever need help with anything, there’s always someone who’s willing to help and show you something that you didn’t know,” she said. “Overall, it’s a good tool to have while in college.”


Townsel said he hopes after this week, the Tech community will have gained a better understanding of the NSBE and what they do.


“NSBE Week really helps in conveying to the students that NSBE is more than its acronym,” he said. “We are a family that is open to anyone who is interested in helping others or seeking help. NSBE Week shows students how much we care for each other and the community, and it helps portray to students not only what NSBE stands for but what it actually means to be a part.”


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