No place like home at ‘Grandma’s House’

April 21, 2016


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Alex Spiers, a Louisiana Tech alumnus, plays for a crowd at the house show at “Grandma’s House.” Photo by Ashley Kober.

Alex Spiers, a Louisiana Tech alumnus, plays for a crowd at the house show at “Grandma’s House.” Photo by Ashley Kober.



David Love transformed his home to suit a house concert. Band merchant tables were set up in the dining room. All the furniture was cleared from the living room. Drums, guitars and microphones were assembled in the kitchen.



Love’s home turned into “Grandma’s House” on April 15 to host artist Alex Spiers and bands Alive by Sunrise and Modern Language.



This was the third house concert Love has held in his grandparents’ former home where he now lives.



Love said Modern Language renamed his house the first time they played in Ruston.



“They nicknamed my house because of all the knick-knacks that were leftover when my grandparents lived there,” said Love, a junior business management major.



Spiers, a Louisiana Tech music graduate, opened for Modern Language. He said the show was eclectic and fitting for an intimate house concert.



“The venue is oddly perfect for a house show,”Spiers said. “Being that close to everyone and being able to see your friends while you play is an awesome experience as a listener and a performer.”



Lana Larmeu has opened twice for Grandma’s House with Love and helped with the shows. She said they continued to do house concerts because of the lack of opportunities in Ruston for college students.



“It could be a safe but fun environment outside of the movies and Whataburger,” said Larmeu, a sophomore engineering major. “It’s a chance to tap into the creative music side and do something different.”



Spiers played mostly original songs and said he encouraged the conversation to overlap his music while he performed.



“My music is really chill,” Spiers said. “So feel free to talk.”



Shreveport-based Alive by Sunrise contrasted Spiers with five members playing two electric guitars, an acoustic guitar, a bass and drums. Alive by Sunrise played a mixture of originals and covers by The Fray and Chris Stapleton.



“We want it to be a launching pad for smaller bands,” said Larmeu.



Indie-rock band Modern Language, based out of Hammond, headlined the show. Love said the first show at Grandma’s House hosted Modern Language because they knew Love’s roommate.



“It was a chance thing,” said Love. “Modern Language was supposed to have a show in Little Rock, but it fell through at the last minute. So, they texted Mac Blades if they could have a show in Ruston a week or two before the actual show.”



Love said Grandma’s House shows are evolving to include shuttles to his house and shows.



“I’m just learning as I go,” Love said.


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