New Year, Same You

January 23, 2018


Michael Lovett

Staff Reporter | mdl034@latech.edu


A new calendar year is often symbolized as a fresh start, a time for change, or as “High School Musical” so eloquently put it, “the start of something new.”


For many of us January 1st is like a day of repentance for a year’s worth of sin.


As the holiday season gets closer, people start thinking of resolutions to fix themselves or anything they believe was a problem in the current year.


We focus on the cliche goals such as losing weight, making more money, moving up in our career fields or depending on whether you’re a spiritual person, getting closer to whatever divine being you believe exists, which we most commonly refer to as God.


However, one thing that many of us take for granted is that a new year will be seen in the first place.


We talk about a new year as if it is promised when in all actuality, tomorrow isn’t even guaranteed. As humans, we have this sort of complacency that if what we wanted to get accomplished today doesn’t work out, we always have another shot at it tomorrow.


We could not be more foolish in our thoughts. The harsh reality of life is that it can end at any given moment on any given day.


Accidents may come few and far in between, but when  they do come they are unannounced and sometimes can be fatal.


It is never a bad thing to have new goals and resolutions for your life.


The million dollar question is: What are we waiting for?


You don’t have to wait for a calendar to get to a specific date before you decide that you want to do things to improve yourself and live your best life.


If tomorrows were promised, the world would be a never ending cycle of stagnancy. There would be no progression, but only billions of people constantly looking toward tomorrow instead of handling business today.


We even practice this during the week. If we fail to meet a weekly goal, we say, “well, I’ll try again on Monday.”


Let the transition from the year 2016 to 2017 be an example to all. It is often breaking news whenever a famous individual passes away, and just before 2017 there was a lot of that taking place. Big names like George Michael, Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fisher and Rickey Harris all passed away standing at the doorsteps of 2017. This was personally a wake up call for me because it put my whole approach on life into perspective. If tomorrow never comes, don’t look back wishing you had done more today.


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