New orientation director chosen

November 8, 2012

Andy Cline, the new Orientation and Special Programs director, said he is ready to make some changes to further improve orientation. - Photo by Deepanjan Mukhopadhyay


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Andy Cline, a graduate in forestry, has inherited the job of Orientation and Special Programs director. Cline was an orientation student leader during his undergraduate work at Tech but said becoming director of something as large as the Orientation and Special Programs does not even compare.


“Inheriting such a high-profile job will have its inherent pressures,” Cline said. “However, with a strong supporting cast, especially with my executive council, that pressure will be minimized.”


Cline met with his executive council Oct. 26 to talk about some of the strategies used for incoming Tech students and how to get them excited about college.


Carlton Gray, a junior business management major, said they are hoping to improve the parent orientation but nothing is set in stone.


“We are trying to liven up the experience for the parents and get them more excited for orientation and their children’s new journey at Tech,” he said.


Cline said he is not here to make things too different.


“My job is not to come in and change things drastically,” Cline said. “However, this year we are trying to re-energize our parent orientation program, which will encompass a lot of new ideas.”


Caroline Shaw, a junior elementary education major, said she thinks Cline will do a great job as the new director.


“He loves and has a passion for Tech and is ready to implement new ideas and strategies to move orientation into the right direction,” she said.


“He is really on his A game,” Gray said. “He is definitely different from the last director, Travis Napper. Since their leadership styles are completely opposite, orientation will be done in a different way.”


Cline said overall the orientation leader selection and training process has been fine-tuned over several decades.


“I am looking for some of the most dedicated, driven, intelligent and passionate leaders at Tech,” he said.


Shaw said she hopes to find hardworking students who are ready to change Tech and make orientation the best it can possibly be.


Sixteen orientation leader positions are available.


Cline said his goal for the new orientation leaders is to manage 16 strong-minded individuals who have been selected based on their characteristics and to create an understanding that the team is what is most important.


“These students are not afraid to step out from the crowd and put themselves in one of the most high-profile positions that a student can attain at Tech,” Cline said. “Most importantly, when placed in that high-profile position, they are able to show compassion and understanding for incoming students who are enduring one of the most difficult transitions they will ever experience.”


Cline said the mindset for preparing orientation leaders would be a quote by John Quincy Adams: “If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”


Shaw said the staff is working hard to get everything ready not only for next summer, but for try-outs and the class itself.


“I hope we find some dedicated students,” she said. “We need students who are ready to change Tech and make orientation the best it can possibly be.”


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