Nethken to receive landscaping

January 30, 2014




Will Trahan
Staff Reporter


Nethken Hall is an old school building in a new school era – an old big building with a blank landscape outside.

Marsha Smith, administrative assistant for Nethken Hall, contacted the Student Government Association about transforming the building into something students like to see.


“The guy who took our (landscaping) bid was very interested in helping us out with ideas for what to put in,” Smith said. “He actually helped us out by cutting us a deal.”


“She contacted us about the work that needed to be done to the building and gave us all the details we needed to write up a bill,” said Anil Oberoi, the author of the bill that approved the funding for this project.


“Improving the landscape of the building will leave a better impression on the people that go in the building,” Oberoi, a senior biomedical engineering major said.


The goal of the students is to make the building more appealing to the alumni who are very influential in the College of Engineering and Science.


Christa Swafford, a junior electrical engineering major and senator for the honors program, was one of the cosigners for the bill.


The Student Government Association funded $3,300 to the landscaping for the Nethken building.


Smith said that they agreed on planting evergreen trees by the building so it would always have color.


Nethken Hall faces a problem in that they had to budget for in the irrigation of the new plants.


Smith said since the building is so old, they did not have underground irrigation and had to budget for hoses and sprinklers in addition to the landscaping cost.


The building was constructed in 1967 for electrical engineering, computer science and technical services.


“The guy doing the landscape plans on putting in six crape myrtle trees and plant some flowers around the trees,” Smith said.


Smith said more than 500 students and 20 faculty use the building daily, and the building that is more than 50 years old is shadowed by the newly constructed Tech Pointe.


“With all the businesses that come through Tech Pointe, we would like them to look across the road and see something other than an old building,” Smith said.


Smith said the students who come through her office would love to see more things in front of the building.


Smith also said that future plans for the building include possible benches in front of the building and a bike rack for the students.


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