Netflix’s ‘Jessica Jones’ continues the Marvel action with season two

March 29, 2018


Jessica Jones Season Two – Three out of Five Stars


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Jessica Jones is part of the Marvel Universe and part of a set on Netflix. This universe includes: “Daredevil” season one, “Jessica Jones” season one, “Daredevil” season two, “Luke Cage” season one, “Iron Fist” season one, “The Defenders” season one, “The Punisher” season one and most recently “Jessica Jones” season two.


The individual character series mash up to form the Defenders team and as a group has a series together as well as their individual series separate. Netflix is doing a pretty good job of keeping up with the timeline and is not difficult to follow.


At the start of the season I liked that the villain seemed to be more of a fluid concept instead of a specific person like in season one with Kilgrave, another super powered human whose power was mind control. He was from Jones’ past post super human transformation who had control over her for quite some time. He was a master of manipulation and quite the convincing villain in his quest to control Jessica anyway he could, especially since she strategically learned how to resist his mind control.


In season two, similar to Kilgrave, the villain was from Jessica’s past. The continual reach into her past assists in the discovery as to why she is the recluse and loner that she is so famously known.


I enjoyed that this season is centered around Jessica trying to figure out what happened to her, how she got her powers, what the organization really is and all who is really involved. The quest into her past uncovering the dark corners as to what made Jessica the Jessica we now know.


In the new season, I enjoyed that the lead villain is somewhat elusive at the beginning and grows more specific as it continues. As the season progresses and this evasive villain is more and more exposed, I enjoyed the complication and conflict it brings to Jessica and makes the show more interesting and intriguing to watch.


As the plot thickens and Jones digs deeper and deeper into the group, she begins to discover more about her past and is able to begin to put the complicated pieces together. She begins the internal battle of ethics vs emotion. Her moral and ethics go back and forth throughout the season.


Overall, I do enjoy that Jones is one of the more relatable characters for those who identify as the black sheep of the family, the “Jessica Jones” franchise is the least developed character. Both seasons ended the same. Her backstory is quite interesting and her powers great, yet it seems as if the creative directors cannot get past the same process of dig into Jessica’s past, villain is involved in her past, villain is eradicated, end of season. They could do better, and I hope season three will impress a bit more than the first two.


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