Namaste hosts 10th annual Nepal Nite

March 24, 2016


The emcees for the evening entertain the crowd–Photo by Brian Blakely

The emcees for the evening entertain the crowd–Photo by Ashley Kober 

With the PFC Leaders on stage, the cheers of the audience transitions into the music as the band kicks offs off Nepal Night 2016. The Namaste Nepal Association hosted their 10th annual Nepal Night Saturday March 19th at the Bridge Church Downtown. It was a night of traditional Nepalese dances, songs and food capped off with a performance by the Nepalese rock band, PFC LEAFERS.

Dilip Basnet, a senior chemical engineering major, is the treasurer of the organization and was heavily involved in the preparations for Nepal Night.

“Nepal Night is one of our organization’s favorite nights of the year because we get to teach our American friends about different things from our culture,” Basnet said.

He said the lineup took a month to put together and all of the performers were students that are a part of the organization.

Dawa Sherpa, a senior accounting major the vice president of the association, was in charge of putting together the performance for the night.

“The performances are my favorite part of the night and when they go well I get really excited because all of our hard work has paid off,” Sherpa said.

She said all the preparations are done by students who are in the association or any student who wanted to volunteer their time to help.

“The food is prepared the week of the event, the students take a pride in preparing the food because a lot of the guest have never tried Nepalese food before,” Basnet said.

He said alumni will travel from all over the country to come to Nepal Night and take part in the festivities the night entails.

“I love to reconnect with friends who have graduated and moved away but come back for this event, it is like a reunion for us who have not seen each other in a while,” Basnet said.

He said most of the people who come to the event are from Nepal, but the American students are well represented in the audience as well.

Warren Abadie,a freshman biology major, was first intrigued by Nepal Night when one of his Nepalese friends was cooking an authentic Nepalese dish in Mitchell dorm.

“I was excited to come to the event because I wanted to learn more about the culture of the country, also I wanted to get to know the Nepalese students” Abadie said.


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