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February 21, 2017



Sarah-Katherine Semon
Staff Reporter | sks033@latech.edu


What’s my favorite season you ask? Award season. So far this award season has been sort of underwhelming, whether it be that I am not as invested as usual in nominees or the celebrities aren’t bringing their A-game to the red carpet, I’m just not impressed.


So when the Grammys approached, I crossed my fingers in hopes that this award show would pull me out of my award season slump. Unfortunately, that was not the case. In years past, the Grammys have sparked Internet memes and inspired deep conversations. This year the whole tone of the show was sort of serious and dragging.


Despite previous interviews with James Corden, host of the 2017 Grammys, who claimed to want to make the show a fun experience for everyone involved, his best efforts didn’t succeed.


His slap-stick opening and his carpool karaoke bit was a brief moment of comic relief before almost every celebrity who took the stage put in their two cents about the state of our country.


The whole show was one big political statement, which I felt was unnecessary. Every chance a celebrity got they fired off their political standpoints and their personal feelings, and to me it overshadowed the point of the whole award show, to celebrate the year’s musical sensations.


But fear not, the show was not a complete disaster: Beyonce and Adele were our knights in shining armor, here to save the Grammys.


Beyonce’s golden, glowing performance was unearthly and breathtaking. What she brought to the Grammy stage was the definition of a performance. It made you want to watch, listen to and experience everything that was on the screen.


Adele’s two performances were perfection, and though they were not the production that Beyonce brought, she filled the Staples Center with her amazing voice. Despite the fact that she had technical difficulties at the Grammys for the second year in a row, she embraced it like only Adele could and stopped mid-song and asked for a do-over.


All of the performers were really great, those who are well-known and those just getting their name into the music world. The tributes were touching, the music was powerful and the Grammys was somewhat of a success. There were surprising winners and winners we saw coming from a mile away.


Of course, like with any award show, there were cringe-worthy moments, there were laughable moments and there were moments that will go down in Grammy history.


Sarah-Katherine Semon is a sophomore journalism major from Shreveport who serves as reporter for The Tech Talk.


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