My big fat greek wedding 2

April 7, 2016


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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2


Everyone’s favorite Greek family, the  Portokalos, returned to the big screen 13 years later for another big wedding celebration March 25 in “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2.”



The movie was exactly as I was expecting: full of humor, Greek words I didn’t understand and Windex.



While sequels are usually big letdowns for me, “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” did not disappoint. The mixture of humorous scenes and heartfelt moments created just the right balance for the perfect “chick flick.”



Kirk Jones directed most of the original cast maintaining their same personalities and mannerisms from the first movie.



However, like any other romantic comedy, the movie is highly predictable. It lacked substantial conflict. The only real clash was when Gus Portokalos, the main character and Toula’s father, tells his wife Maria they are not married; but it doesn’t take long for the family to fix the problem and start planning for the big wedding.



The Greek family bantered throughout the extent of the movie, but it did not have an important obstacle the Greek family had to overcome. Unlike the first movie where they were all trying to accept Toula’s American boyfriend Ian, the sequel is anti-climactic.



The characters were individually dealing with obstacles such as Toula letting her daughter Paris attend college in New York and working on her marriage with her husband. But there was never any doubt in the end she would let her daughter follow her heart.



The movie was hilarious as well as heartwarming, but it did not have a central character for the audience to follow. In the beginning of the movie, it seems like Paris will be the protagonist, but her story gets overshadowed by her grandparents’ discovery of their false marriage.



The touching scenes throughout the movie are what made it  so enjoyable. Maria and Gus find love again after 50 years. Toula and Ian also rekindle their marriage through the  wedding planning.



The movie is a wonderful portrayal of love in all of life’s different stages. It shows love in the early stages through Paris and Bennett, in the middle of life through Toula and Ian and love throughout the years through Gus and Maria.



Although the movie is full of heartwarming scenes, it does not fail to make the public laugh. The comedic scenes had a lot of the same aspects as the first movie, but they were funny nonetheless. Michael Constantine, who played Gus, did a wonderful job in portraying the funny yet grumpy grandpa of the family.



Although there were a great number of characters trying to share camera time in the movie, all of the actors maintained a strong presence in each shot, entertaining the audience in each scene no matter how short it was.



“My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2” is an excellent sequel, especially in the midst of other sequels in the comedy/romance genre.



Even with its flaws, the sequel brought steady laughs in the audience.  It was exactly what I expected from a good romantic comedy. It did not have strong content, but it was hilarious, witty and sweet.


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