Music department hosts faculty concert

October 26, 2017


Andrew Bell

Staff Reporter | agb022@ latech.edu


Trevor Davis (Clarinet) and Steele Moegle (Piano) perform at the faculty concert. – Photo by Danny Do


Louisiana Tech is filled with musically talented students, but Oct. 19 a couple of professors reminded everyone they can still groove with the best of them.


The music department held a faculty concert featuring Trevor Davis (clarinet) and Steele Moegle (piano), with help from Joann Martinson (soprano) and Sam Haskins (percussion). The performance included works from renowned artists Ludwig van Beethoven, Frank Schubert, Max Laurischkus and Kenji Bunch.


Davis, an assistant professor of music and the director of jazz activities, performed seven different pieces, including Romanze from “Die Verschworenen” with his fiance Martinson singing soprano.


“I thought it went very well tonight,” Davis said. “It’s only my second year here so I’m freshly coming from a student and watching my teachers perform, so it’s a bit of a different pressure for me playing in front of my own students and other faculty. Performing is always a little nerve-racking but I always say if you’re nervous it’s because you care. Once you start to play the jitters go away and you just have fun.”


Davis, a multi-instrumentalist, has performed in nearly 110 cities in the United States as a member of two national touring shows.


“It’s tough to balance our teaching and administrative duties when we still love to perform too,” he said. “So any chance we get to perform we do, because we hope to inspire (the students). Hopefully when they hear a piece we play, they want to be able to play it one day. That’s how I actually learned about a lot of my pieces is hearing other people play. So we just want to introduce our students to a different repertoire.”


Steele Moegle, an assistant professor of music, played piano at the concert and had a solo performance of “Sonata” by Beethoven to open the event.


“(Performing) is exciting,” Moegle said. “I enjoy the challenge of practicing and collaborating with other artists and then bringing the performance to the audience.”


She expressed her appreciation of her collaborating performers.


“Trevor Davis and I play several works together, and it is always a fun challenge to have an additional performer join us onstage,” she said. “We truly appreciate the time Sam Haskins and Joann Martinson have taken to participate with us.”


Thomas McReynolds, a freshman music performance major, attended the concert not only because his class required him to, but because he desired to watch and learn from his talented professors.


“I would’ve come regardless,” McReynolds said. “You need to go out and hear other musicians play if you are a musician. It can either inspire you to get better or you can just listen for your own personal enjoyment. For me, it was really nice hearing them play. They were awesome.”


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