Movie review: ‘Steve Jobs’

October 22, 2015



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Every now and again Hollywood blesses the public with a good film. This time they have given us “Steve Jobs.”


The dircetor, Danny Boyle is not the first to depict the life of Steve Jobs, but he has successfully done so. This biography uses drama and mild humor to illustrate the interesting life of Jobs.


Some argue this film portrays Jobs as too much of a jerk, while others think it found a median between this  and a determined hard worker.


This film is a little different than others based on Jobs. It focuses more on his life as a person as opposed to focusing on the rise of Apple.


After watching the first film about Jobs titled “Jobs,” Ashton Kutcher really seemed to embody the role and it did not seem like anyone could top it; but Michael Fassbender is giving Kutcher a run for his money.


He plays Jobs in this film and captivates viewers.


Including Jobs personal life involving family and business problems, it also shows how Apple became so successful as a company.


It shows many triumphs Jobs endured like the process of getting Apple started and the downfall of the company.


The movie also touches on Jobs’ issues with accepting his biological daughter, which seems to have stemmed from his adoption, but also his goal-driven hunger to succeed without anyone getting in the way, including his child.


Although the film received good reviews by critics, it seems to have done poorly in the box office as most viewers feel they have already seen the story of Jobs in other films and documentaries.


Even though Jobs has been depicted before, the new film does a great job of capturing other angles and depicting his life as a man and a CEO.




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