Miley Cyrus, a strategic hot mess

October 10, 2013


Miley debuts documentary and new album


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If China or Russia have any desire to take America during the government shutdown, they better act fast because Miley Cyrus has admitted she plans to take over in her MTV documentary “Miley: the Movement.”


Miley explains her recent antics in the documentery, “Miley: The Movement.” - Photo courtesy of vimeo.com

Miley explains her recent antics in the documentery, “Miley: The Movement.” – Photo courtesy of vimeo.com

I doubt Vladimir Putin could handle the twerk.


The first thing Cyrus wants to make clear is that she is unapologetic about her antics, and what may look like a hot mess was in fact a “strategic hot mess.”


This confirms the suspicion her recent desire to gyrate her behind (let’s face it, she isn’t really twerking) and inability to keep her tongue in her mouth have all been promotional tactics for her new album “Bangerz.”


Even the documentary is a classic tool used by artists like Lady Gaga, Ke$ha and Katy Perry.


It shows Cyrus working hard to deliver each performance better than the last through heartache and sickness.


The documentary also includes footage before and after her scandalous VMAs performance and her insistence that it was all part of her well-thought-out plan.


And what does Cyrus have to show for making headlines as a sexual deviant and starting a Twitter feud with Irish singer Sinead O’Connor?


The perfect pop album.


Naturally, “Bangerz” leaked online a week before its intended release date, and it has set the bar high for all the other pop stars with albums due out this year.


With Cyrus and Mike WiLL Made It as executive producers, the two were able to create the new sound Cyrus intended for her new record after two years.


Producer Pharrell Williams recognized Cyrus’ talent after hearing her cover Dolly Parton’s “Jolene” and said during an interview he reached out to Cyrus to collaborate with her.


Williams referred to Cyrus as the byproduct of America, a girl from country roots who grew up in the era when hip hop was king.


Cyrus collaborated with rappers Big Sean, French Montana, Future, Nelly and Ludacris making “Bangerz” the product of pop music’s evolution over the years as it has merged with hip hop.


Britney Spears makes a cameo in the documentary during an awkward sit-down with Cyrus, who insisted Spears’ many iconic performances have been her inspiration.


Spears, who looked as if being Cyrus’ role model may be her biggest regret since the 2007 VMAs, did not let that get in the way of providing her iconic vocals for the track “SMS (Bangerz).”


Besides the single “We Can’t Stop” and “Wrecking Ball,” the album is filled with several other highlights.


“Adore You” is a beautiful ballad of true admiration for a lover, even if it features the word “baby” too many times.


“Love Money Party” is a catchy brat-rap featuring Big Sean that is between the style of Ke$ha and Cher Lloyd and is sure to get stuck in your head.


“Drive” is a broken-hearted track not unlike “Wrecking Ball” that inspires a listener to dance to its electro-beat while crying about lost love.


Williams said it was this track that sets Cyrus and her team apart from the rest.


Listeners will not fully understand the name “Bangerz” until they are driving in the car banging their head to every track at 90 mph.


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