Medieval Combat Club battles for Tolliver

January 15, 2018


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Students from the Medieval Combat Club engaged in battle on Dec. 14 in one of three scene recreations from Lord of the Rings. – Photo by Hannah Jones

The Battle for Tolliver’s Deep commenced in the early winter on Dec. 14. A battle for medieval combat victory, any and all were invited to join the Medieval Combat Club in their quest for comradery, sportsmanship and fun.


The battle was to encompass the reenactment of three pivotal scenes in the Battle for Helm’s Deep, a major battle scene from the film Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers. The Medieval Combat Club reenacts these battles incorporating the rules of Dagorhir Battle Games, a live-action roleplaying game of medieval combat.


“The only requirement is that you sign up for it and know that you fight at your own risk,” said Cameron Surratt, a senior business management entrepreneurship major known as “Dragon” by his compatriots.


The battleground, the yard just to the east side of Tolliver, was filling up with students as the club members were asked by curious and interested onlookers if they could join in. After signing a waiver, the new fighters were given their own handmade sword and a red or blue bandana to distinguish the team they would be joining.


“For round one, we are emulating the drawbridge fight,” Surratt said, pointing out the narrowly laid ropes along the ground, marking the boundaries. “Whichever team has a person touch the cone set on the opposite side first wins.”


The rules are stated at the beginning of each game to inform the new fighters and establish the boundaries. Surratt acted as herald for the first game, calling for the combatants to lift their weapons and then giving the signal for the charge. The two teams then rushed at each other, some waving their weapons wildly, while the more trained and practiced used skilled maneuvers to duel the enemy.


“We all enjoy the combat and it provides the environment where we can fight safely and reenact the medieval combat that everyone likes, like Lord of the Rings,” Aminah Smith, a senior biomedical engineering major and long-time Medieval Combat Club veteran, said.


The battle scenes intensified as they transitioned into the “Blow the wall” scene, followed by “Take the Keep” and ending with the victory scene “Reinforcements Arrive.” However, despite the increased difficulty and the decreased energy after an hour of sparring, the design of the weapons prevents major injury, ensuring a safer environment with the enjoyment of skilled combat.


“Our main goal is to form a sense of honorability in all of our members and just to have fun,” Sarah Daigle, a freshman medical technologies major, said. “No one’s going to tell you that, ‘Oh, I hit your arm.’ Especially in a big fight where you can’t really tell what’s going on. You have to admit, ‘Hey, I got hit in the arm. I lost that arm,’ or ‘Hey, you killed me.’”


The chaos that ensued in the battle makes this honorability of members calling out “dead” and following the rules of the game certainly adds to the difficulty and amusement of the game for all involved as combatants cycled on and off of the battleground. The evening ended in victory for everyone.


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