Mac vs. PC smackdown

June 29, 2012





Are you a Mac or a PC?


I’m sure you remember the commercials Apple released over the last 10 years painting the “Mac guy” as a young, relaxed hipster with knowledge of the most up-to-date technology known to man, while the “PC guy” is seen as a stuffy, boring older gentleman showing his unwillingness to change his ways.


The commercials were meant to show consumers how much cooler and practical it was to buy a Macintosh than a personal computer. It seems to have worked.


Over the past year, Apple is the second fastest growing tech company in the world and is already the world’s most valuable company, worth an estimated $600 billion in April of this year, according to CNN.


With the company becoming more popular every day, the recurring arguments about whether an Apple computer really is better than a PC never seem to stop.


I used to hate the fact that people would snub their noses with even the slightest mention of a PC, and now I’ve become one of those people.


It is because of the simplicity that comes with operating Apple products.


Studies show Apple users are smarter than the average PC consumer. Wait, what?


Since when does having a more expensive piece of technology show off your intelligence or lack of to the world?


According to Hunch, a website showing poll results for a range of current hot topics, a study taken from 2009-11 can tell people exactly the type of person they are just by observing their brand preference in computers.


The website shows the general perceptions and stereotypes laced with your purchase decision such as demographic, personality, taste and overall intelligence.


Apple users, or “Mac snobs,” are more likely to be liberal, live in a big city and complete a four-year college education than PC people. And, if you complete your four-year education with a concentration on math, you might as well be considered a genius. Einstein has nothing on Apple.


I am also expected to become a vegetarian, drive an environmentally-safe vehicle and watch Stephen Colbert.


I am an independent, have lived in north Louisiana my entire life and suck at math, so maybe I shouldn’t have a Mac.


It also seems Apple consumers have a disadvantage because of their tastes.


Most Apple products are more expensive than the average PC. This is where the disadvantage comes in.


Just this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that Orbitz, a website used to book flights, hotels and cars for trips, have been steering Mac users to the more expensive trip prices first rather than showing the lowest prices first based on the spending habits of most Apple consumers.


Despite the CEO of Orbitz, Barney Harford disputing the claims, the perceptions of Apple consumers are very telling.


“What we have found is … that Mac users are 40 percent more likely to book four- or five-star hotels than PC users,” Harford said. “That lines up with (the fact that) Mac users are typically more willing to spend more money on higher-end computers.”


Considering I just became a so-called Mac person after several failed stints with a PC, I do think a Mac is easier to navigate, but I don’t necessarily feel any smarter than anyone with a PC.


So there you have it. I am now smarter, more attractive and well-liked than ever before because I have conformed and become a “Mac snob.” At least according to Hunch.


Anna Claire Thomas is a senior journalism major from Monroe who serves as editor for The Tech Talk. Email comments to act013@latech.edu.


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