Lookin’ back but movin’ forward

May 14, 2015





Multimedia Editor


When I came to college four years ago, I was a shy, timid 18 year old who did not socialize with others because I was determined to make it own my own, but I was wrong.


Everything I’ve experienced here has been worth the time and effort. I don’t feel the same as I did when I arrived, because I know I’m an incredibly different person.


I started out hoping to build genuine connections with people who would make me feel like someone people actually cared about, after two years I found that in The Tech Talk and Wesley Foundation.


Through both of these organizations, I’ve been able to view my experiences at Tech in a different way than I would have without them.


To my Tech Talk family: thank you for sticking by my side, encouraging me, comforting me when Deep Freeze deleted all the videos, laughing and crying with me, and, last but not least, for accepting and loving me.


You each have a special place in my heart. I do not know if I’ll ever see you again, but I’ll know you all will be great.


To Scott and Marcie Wright, directors of the Wesley Foundation, thank you for welcoming me into the weird Wesley community with open arms, no judgment, and helping me look at my life and the purpose God has in store for me in more positive manner.


I can never express my gratitude for the two of you and what you have done for me.


I’ve learned a lot throughout my time here at Tech, and I hope to take these lessons with me for the rest of my life. Life is full of trials and tribulations, and while the past four years have been hectic and a blur, it’s been a blur that I will never forget.


College teaches you to be independent, responsible and successful. Personally, I’ve discovered what I want to do with my life in the future, formed relationships that will last forever and came out of my shell to become a strong and conscientious woman.


And while this is more of a reflective piece, I would like to share some final words of wisdom that come with the experience of being a senior.


What I learned during my four years of Bulldog experience: the friends you meet in college really are the true friends, find one or two faculty mentors and they will help you through your toughest times in college — Dr. Jeremy Mhire and Mike LeBlanc have taught me more than a textbook.


To my forever friends, Short Taylor, Iesha Weezy, Ky-lin and Ryan: thanks for everything I don’t know how I would have made it through college had I not met each of you. Our friendship is never dull, and I know that y’all will be in my life for a lifetime. Although we will be in different places, I’m already looking forward to the impromptu visits and awkward reunions.


In all seriousness though, college is a time to open up, take risks and experience new things. Now, as I leave my undergraduate career to continue on this educational path, I am fully prepared to take on whatever life throws my way.


As I end this column with tears streaming down my face, I realize it’s time to go on, go on, go on.


Wynnifred Sanders is a senior political science and pre-law major from Bossier City, who serves as multimedia editor for the Tech Talk. Email comments to wls019@latech.edu.


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