Letter from the editor

November 7, 2017


Starla Gatson

Editor-in-Chief | sjg021@latech.edu



Whether one is a freshman experiencing Louisiana Tech Homecoming for the first time or a senior enjoying the festivities for the last time, it can be agreed upon that there is something truly special about the week.


But it isn’t the step shows, the cook-offs or the talent shows that make Homecoming week such an anticipated experience. And, though I hope as much as anyone else that our Bulldogs pull off a win for us, I will say it is not the football game that makes the week special either.


It’s the community.


During Homecoming week, everyone is buzzing with excitement and the campus comes alive. Everyone is welcome at every event, and all feel included, even if just for one week.


The sense of community, not only on Tech campus but also in Ruston as a whole, is always present. But in putting this issue together, I learned that unity is stronger during Homecoming week. I’ve been amazed at how eager Tech students are to show returning alumni how our university and town have changed.


As the days of my collegiate career begin to come to a close, the reality has set in that one day, whether it be at the end of the current quarter or four years from now, we will all have to leave Tech. We will embark on the journey of post-graduate life, and our paths will take us out of Ruston. We will be left to cherish the memories we made here and will tell stories of the adventures we had.


We will also get the privilege of returning as alumni. We will all get to be cheesy and sentimental as we wander around campus, seeing how everything has changed and remembering the way things were.


I know many things will be very different, but I have no doubt the strong sense of community and school spirit will be the same. The unity of homecoming will still exist, and Tech students will still be eager to show alumni and citizens of Ruston how much they love the university. I, like every other returning alumnus, will fondly remember the good times I had here, the people I met and the lessons I learned.


To my fellow students: have fun at the step shows, cook-offs, parades and talent shows. Cheer as loudly as you can at the football game. Be excited about who we are as students of this university, and show everyone how much we love this place.


And to the alumni: I hope you can see how proud we are to be Bulldogs and how happy we are to have you back. In the midst of all of the changes the university has undergone since your time here, I hope you see how the heart of homecoming and the spirit of Tech have stayed the same. Welcome home.


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