Legacy day sees alumni and prospective students attend

February 5, 2015


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Prospective students are acclimated for their upcoming freshman year at the summer orientations and various Timeout for Tech’s throughout the school year.


However, for those students whose parents are alumni of Louisiana Tech, they are given a recruiting experience like none other on Legacy Day.


Legacy Day consists of tours of residential life and other buildings on campus, a look at the “Band of Pride” in Howard Auditorium, and a myriad of departmental sessions with the students and their parents.


“Legacy Day is a thank you to our alumni,” said Andy Cline, who is in charge of Tech’s Orientation Student Leaders and Student Recruiters.. “We roll out the red carpet to their children and give them a personal, exclusive deal.”


Cline, who is in charge of the Orientation Student Leaders and Student Recruiters at Tech, said they put on such a unique event for the students in hopes that it will sway their college decision towards Tech.


“Legacy Day is so exclusive because we truly get to know these kids and their parents,” said Zach Vines, a sophomore supply chain management major and student recruiter,. “We give them up-close-and-personal tours of campus and eat with them in hope to make them realize how bad the university wants them.”


Vines said when talking to these prospective students they tend to get their parents’ opinions and why they decided to attend Tech.


“Essentially we’re two Bulldogs trying to lead a lost puppy in the right direction,” Vines said.


Madison Bottoms said after seeing such a large freshman class in the fall, the hope is to increase those numbers this upcoming year with a majority being legacies.


“Past enrollments show legacies who attend an event like today tend to come to Tech,” said Bottoms, , a junior math education major and president of the student recruiters. “So we hope we can keep that streak, so to speak, going.”



Bottoms said the importance of Legacy Day cannot be taken lightly.


“We’re the first faces these kids see at Tech,” Bottoms said. “Our main goal is to make a great impression on them so they end up following in their parent or parents’ footsteps.”


Bottoms said academics are very important, but they also hope to show how much fun athletic events are at Tech.


“After all the touring and academic breakdowns today, we will end the night with free tickets to see the Dunkin’ Dogs play Marshall University,” Bottoms said. “People tend to forget how important some prospective students hold a university’s athletics in their final collegiate decision.”


Bottoms said he and his fellow recruiters wish to show how memorable Tech sporting events can be.


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