Learning the new housing system

May 26, 2017



Tiffany Wilkins
Staff Reporter | tmw048@latech.edu


With everything becoming technologically accessible, Louisiana Tech’s new system StarRez has helped to not only save trees but to also help students have a fresh start for the school year.


We will no longer stand in long lines at 9 a.m. with our roommates to renew our apartments/dorms for the fall if we are not graduating in the spring.


This system requires you to pay online for your reservations; however, you are not guaranteed the same room you are currently living in unless you manually choose it yourself.


I have had a recent issue with the system because I was not fully aware that I had to re-select my room for the fall of 2017 to the spring of 2018. Starting a new quarter and already worried about the future assignments that are to come, it is our responsibility to remember when to pay and when to select the rooms. The time period for students to have paid for their rooms was from March 1-8. On March 13, you were required to select the room of your choosing. Although I paid my dues on time, I was not aware that I was obligated to choose my room by that date and therefore I lost my current room.


This experience has taught me to read the reminding notices thoroughly and to mark the dates down, but I also felt that it was not right for me to lose my room. If you have stayed in the same dorm or apartment for the past two to three years, I feel that there should be a seniority standard where you are guaranteed your room regardless of the deadline.


Of course that would be of a fantasy-like negotiation but let us be honest, the real world has no fair points or “loopholes” in what is to come.


Slip-ups like these can test how well you conduct yourself in unknown situations. We can either act rationally and come to an understandable agreement. Or we can resort to a childlike manner and “act our shoe size” without hearing what authority has to say about this situation.


The way I handled mine was to send an email to the assistant director of housing and to ask what the common alternative was, even after speaking to a student worker.


Even with finding another room in a different apartment, being in the one I currently live in gives me comfort and access to the gym and classes quickly. I have made fond memories in this apartment and leaving it is like moving away from my family again. Most times moving to new areas or environments could be the best thing to ever happen to you. Situations like these could help bring yourself out of the home-bound shell you are comfortable living in.


Making new friends can be difficult in college, but nonetheless, I have had great luck in keeping in contact and a great friendship with those I have shared a space with.


Who knows? Maybe this new set of roommates, along with my new apartment could become the greatest move of all. So if you have experienced the same situation I am in, do not be discouraged. Always expect the unexpected and make the best of it you can.


Tiffany Wilkins is a senior communications  major from Shreveport who serves as a staff reporter for The Tech Talk.


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