Lady Techsters use past matches for motivation

October 15, 2015



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Sophomore Brooke Short (3) sets the ball for her teammate during a match at the TAC this season–Photo by Darrell James

Sophomore Brooke Short (3) sets the ball for her teammate during a match at the TAC this season–Photo by Darrell James


Hip-hop icon Tupac Shakur once said, “ya got to keep your head up.”


Though it may seem simple and ambiguous, the poet’s line can be interpreted into genuine advice for athletes.


In sports, the way a team keeps their heads up during adversity shows their strong character and usually results in a trip to the playoffs.


The team that keeps their heads down, on the other hand, and gives up during times of hardship stays at home during the playoffs.


They are there like all of the other forgotten teams whose poor work ethic helped lead to the demise of their season.


For head coach Adriano de Souza and the Louisiana Tech women’s volleyball team, times have gotten tough. The team has dropped five straight matches while just entering Conference-USA play.


Helena Gunnarsdóttir, a senior outside hitter, said she and her teammates are not worried about the unlucky streak they are in because their heads are in the right place.


“I really like our mindset,” said Gunnarsdóttir. “We are very positive. We know what we are capable of, so we are just going to be patient and stay focused.”


De Souza said the team is only a few mistakes away from having a completely different record.


“We have had good opportunities but we didn’t capitalize,” de Souza said. “We are learning more to seize the moment and the opportunities we are given.”


De Souza said he is confident the team will gain confidence, continuity and chemistry the further the season goes on.


“We are new to each other so every match is going to help us come together more,” said de Souza. “We must realize when we have good chances in the game. We have had those chances to score points; we must capitalize.”


De Souza said the team continues to learn from their mistakes, one of his main priorities throughout the season.


“Every time we have played these matches, the team has learned from each one,” de Souza said. “The ladies are very dedicated, keeping more information in mind on what to do next.”


Gunnarsdóttir said the determination amongst the team is a result of the sisterhood they have created and the bond they share.


“We are really close,” said Gunnarsdóttir. “We are all focusing on the same goals and heading in the same direction. We feel like we are all together and on the same page.”


The Lady Techsters have almost-all conference games from here on out.


De Souza said the team must learn to put opponents away and play as well as they do in practice in order to come out victorious in must-win, conference games.


“We are practicing a lot of game situations where we finalize opportunities and finish sets stronger,” de Souza said. “We start well and prepare well but we must learn to finish, we are focusing more on that.”


Tech plays North Texas at 7 p.m. Friday in the Thomas Assembly Center.


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