Lady Techsters can do it, too

March 28, 2013



Whoever coined the phrase “You play like a girl!” obviously never saw a women’s sporting event.


The world is changing, and we have to adjust to it. Athletes of all races, ethnicities and  both genders are becoming superstars.


In such a conservative part of Louisiana, it is ironic our Lady Techsters, especially the women’s basketball team, are one of the most respected women’s programs in the nation.


We should embrace we have such a strong women’s athletic base and support them more.


I attended the women’s tennis match against Grambling State University. Of course there were diehard Lady Techster fans, but I could literally count on two hands of how many people were there.


These women went through a lot in the offseason, but it did not stop them from working hard and trying to have a successful season.


It is a shame we live in a world where male sports dominate female sports, but it is the way we were raised.


Jokes about women’s sports are not funny because women athletes are now hot topics on the majority of sports networks.


We may not see any airtime on these shows but we certainly helped women’s sports be recognized.


Stats and championships show we are one of the best universities for women’s sports.


It is time to give the Lady Techsters some support on all platforms because they play so well.


By no means am I saying you should stay away from men’s sporting events, but fans must remember Tech has sports on both sides of the ball.


If fans do not want to go to a women’s event because of their gender, they should remember our Lady Techsters programs have generated Olympians, hall of famers and professional athletes.


By my count, they are on an even level of success with our men’s programs. I am willing to bet some of our Lady Techsters could keep up with a couple of men’s programs around the country in their sport.


Just like a coach adjusts to games, fans should adjust their views on females in sports, and start cheering them every game.


Our women’s programs do get some credit, but they could easily get much more.


Both softball and basketball have won multiple conference championships, and our soccer program continues to improve every season.


New coaches for volleyball and tennis look promising with their programs and hopefully will bring Conference USA championships to Tech.


We can all work together in making the sports world see more equality.


This is why I am challenging every Tech fan to attend at least five women’s sporting events before the end of the season.


Depending on my schedule, I promised the Lady Techsters tennis team I would try to attend every match. I promise to do the same for our softball team.


When you see me, please do not hesitate to come up to me and talk with me. I am always happy to talk sports with fellow Tech fans, but do not discriminate against the Lady Techsters.


They take their games seriously, and so should you.

Derek J. Amaya is a junior journalism and marketing major from Metairie. Email comments to dja014@latech.edu.



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