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November 8, 2012

Ryan Kavanaugh, Max Causey, Teddy Allen, Dave Nitz and Bennie Thornell stand together in the radio booth before the Bulldogs vs. UTSA game. - Photo by Jessica van Alstyne


The “Voice of the Bulldogs” long lasting career


John Tabor
Sports Reporter


Whether inhaling a giant whiff of fresh popcorn or watching Terry Bradshaw move those chains on the Bulldog Vision at a Bulldog gridiron battle, onlookers take in the festivities with all five senses.


But many loyal Louisiana Tech fans, young and old alike, rely upon the LA Sports Radio Network to quench their thirst for Bulldog football.


For 38 years and counting, Dave Nitz, affectionately know as the “Voice of the Bulldogs,” has been the mouthpiece for Bulldog athletics.


Hailing from Milton, W. Va., Nitz first got his start in radio in 1961. After getting his feet wet in broadcasting in the West Virginia locale, Nitz found his way to Ruston.


As the news and sports director for KRUS, Nitz began broadcasting Tech games at the urge of longtime journalism department head Wiley Hilburn.


“Part of that job description was doing Louisiana Tech games which I started in 1974,” Nitz said. “Prior to that I spent one year in Russellville, Ark., at Arkansas Tech and three years at William and Mary University in Williamsburg, Va.”


In addition to working under Keith Prince in the sports information department, Nitz also took advantage of Tech’s tuition assistance for employees.


“I had two years of school completed already and it took me four years, year around, to finish up the last two years of my journalism degree here at Tech,” Nitz said.


Throughout his years at Tech, Nitz has also taken on the chores of baseball and Bulldog basketball as well.


In addition to his tenure at Tech, Nitz has also done play-by-play for many minor league baseball teams.


“For the last four years I’ve been in Sioux City, Iowa, doing their games as well,” Nitz said.


While Nitz is the patriarch of the LA Tech Sports Radio Network, he has a cast of characters assisting him.


As the color commentator, Teddy Allen provides the yin to Nitz’s yang during the Bulldog football broadcast. A longtime local journalist for various outlets, Allen is in his second year as Nitz’s right-hand man.


“I mainly just caddie for Hall of Famer Dave Nitz,” Allen said. “I point out who tackled, who ran, as well as making insightful comments like, ‘they’re in the zone’ or ‘gosh, he runs fast’.”


The third man of the team is sideline reporter Max Causey. As a former quarterback at Tech (’99-’03), Causey won Academic All-Western Athletic Conference honors three times.


Having played for Tech’s 2004 WAC championship, Causey is accustomed to top-notch football. However, Causey expressed his affinity for the 2012 edition of the ’Dogs.


“I think this is a team that can compete with anybody in the country,” Causey said. “We have one of the best quarterbacks, wide receivers and offensive lines in the country.”


Nitz agreed with Causey’s sentiment that this year’s version of the Bulldogs is indeed the best that he’s seen in his time at Tech.


“This is the best team that I’ve seen in my 38 years here at Tech,” Nitz said. “A lot of people think about Rattay and Edwards, that was a great year as well as Matt Dunigan’s teams, but as far as I have seen, overall, I think this is the best and most exciting team that I’ve seen in my time here at Louisiana Tech.”


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