Krampus comes to town

December 17, 2015


Photo courtesy of Legendary Pictures

Photo courtesy of Legendary Pictures


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There are many jolly Christmas movies that show the happiness and togetherness of families throughout the holiday, but there has not been a movie to show any real consequences to nonbelievers of Santa.


If you ever wondered “what if’” then “Krampus” is a definite must see movie that will make you wonder.


The movie trailer does not show much of anything, except a family fighting during dinner, a child screaming he hates Christmas and then everything going downhill from there.


Although “Krampus” could be thought to be a boring, low-budget film, it turned out to be a game changer.


The movie is based on the idea of nonbelievers of the Christmas spirit being punished by an ancient evil spirit that comes to take away instead of give presents.


Literal hell breaks loose when cherished Christmas icons become a nightmare and lay ruin to the already dysfunctional family, which forced them to fight for each other in order to survive.


“Krampus” is a creepy holiday movie filled with comedy, fantasy and horror. It is a bit on the sadistic side since it is focusing on a family being attacked by the shadow of St. Nicholas, when it turns out he is after the entire town.


Max, played by Emjay Anthony, a young boy who becomes disillusioned and turns his back on Christmas, ends up accidentally summoning this ancient evil to his family home.


Little do they know, the lack of festive spirit unleashed the wrath of Krampus: a demonic force of ancient evil intent on taking from those who stop believing in Santa and the true meaning of Christmas.


Once Krampus is summoned, there is no way to escape him and his bag of toys and tricks during a blizzard and power outage.


However, only one person knows what is to come once everyone stops believing in Christmas. Omi, played by Krista Stadler, is the elderly grandmother who encourages Max not to give up on Christmas because of his family.


She knows what will happen to them because it is the same thing that happened to her village as a kid, and Krampus left her alive as a witness to his existence.


As they settle into a dark and cold house, it is only a matter of time before they all be taken away one-by-one by Krampus’s little helpers.


Gingerbread men, toys and elves all take a life of their own as they attack, and even eat the family.


The movie has its funny moments, such as when cute gingerbread cookies start to attack with candy canes, but even with the horror violence and terror, language and few drug references, it has a PG-13 rating.


Also, the soundtrack is still festive, but with a slight twist that some may not notice at first.


This movie will really make everyone rethink their intentions and reestablish the true meaning of Christmas.


Of course the idea of an evil Santa Claus coming to take you away, and not to the North Pole, is not something you would want to find out.


Overall, “Krampus” is definitely a good movie anyone could see; however, if parents take their kids, then it would be best to get ready for them to probably have nightmares.


However, it is mostly humorous during the horror scenes because of the ironic ideas being attacked by presents and cookies.



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