KLPI’s ‘Terminal E’ offers global music selections

November 10, 2011

Kaitlyn Carroll, a senior disc jockey at Tech’s KLPI, plays international music on her weekly show “Terminal E.” She said she thinks offering a variety of music is good for Ruston residents and helps international students feel at home. – Photo by Dacia Idom

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Classical music composer Aaron Copland once said stopping the flow of music would be like stopping time itself.


KLPI senior disc jockey Kaitlyn Carroll is applying Copland’s idea, not only by increasing the flow in Ruston, but making it more diverse.


Carroll plays a different type of music each week during her show.


“It’s a show that highlights different genres from different areas of the world,” Carroll said. “I’m very flexible and open to something different.”


Carroll said she would like “Terminal E” to be a medium for everyone in Ruston to hear new music.


“The purpose is to expose people to different music,” Carroll said. “I think there is a lot of value in being able to learn and experience something you’re not familiar with.”


Some students concede that variety is a good thing.


“People have a lot of different tastes,” said Austin Brasher, a freshman mechanical engineering major. “I think stations should play different music.”


In small towns like Ruston, many people’s musical tastes are not represented. Of the 23 radio stations within 30 miles of Ruston, nine are religious and seven are oldies/country, taking up nearly 70 percent of radio channels in proximity.


Carroll has played six different musical styles on “Terminal E, including Irish/Celtic punk rock and KPOP, pop music from South Korea.


Her next show will feature popular music in Ruston. Carroll said she is trying to integrate more Asian music so she can appeal to Tech’s international students; there are more than 650 international students from 70 different countries.


“I feel like they’re more at home by giving them a voice,” Carroll said. “They have more insight into their culture.”


Taylor Michiels, a freshman accounting major, said he would be lost if he was not able to hear music he grew up with.


“I would probably die,” Michiels said. “I’d be wondering why everyone was singing this song and why haven’t I ever heard it?”


Carroll said she wants “Terminal E” to help students gain an understanding of other cultures and their music.


“It’s important to respect other types of music,” Carroll said. “It gives you a better appreciation for what you like.”


Brasher said he has no interest in listening to any music other than what he likes, which is country.


“I like what I like,” Brasher said. “I don’t care for it [other music] so I wouldn’t listen to it.”


“Terminal E” airs every Sunday from 10 a.m. to midnight. The show’s Facebook page, Terminal E: 89.1 KLPI Specialty Show has a list of each week’s show and upcoming events.


Carroll said the playlist will continue to grow and encourages everyone to make requests for show and song ideas by calling KLPI at 318-257-3689.


“We kind of have something for everybody,” Carroll said. “No matter what, at least one little part of the show will appeal to everyone.”


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