Ke$ha brings her life to MTV

April 25, 2013


Staff Reporter


Rating: 5 out of 5 stars Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life. - MT

Consider the anticipation of Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games fans as they eagerly awaited the midnight premieres of their respective movies.


Harness the excitement of those fans, multiply it by forty-seven, add five and roll it in glitter and you have half of my emotions as I waited for “Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life” to premiere.


MTV’s new reality show, filmed by Ke$ha’s brother Legan, chronicles the pop star as she rises to fame while touring the world headlining her “Get Sleazy Tour” and working on her sophomore album, “Warrior.”


Personally, when I first heard about Ke$ha’s new show, I thought it was a last-ditch effort to boost record sales when her new album failed to reach the same success as her first, “Animal.”


I was as skeptical as I was enticed about seeing what my favorite pop star assured me would be “raw” and “real” footage of her life behind the scenes.


While I am a die-hard fan, I did not want it to look as if she was flailing.


I was not disappointed.


“My Crazy Beautiful Life” was everything Ke$ha promised.


It showed how she is just a girl who wanted to sing; she worked tirelessly to achieve her dreams, battling criticisms the entire way.


After the show’s introduction, which included clips from a Ke$ha concert, the artist is shown in her mother’s home, feeding her nephew and reading her show’s review, brushing off the criticism with little worry.


The show is also full of the crazy antics expected from a girl who tweets a picture of herself peeing on the side of the road in a traffic jam.


Ke$ha shows that even though she is a popular Top 40 artist, she is not above shamelessly stalking ex-boyfriends, telling a reporter she wants to eat his ginger beard or fondling Scotsmen under their kilts.


It offers an insight to Ke$ha’s more sensitive side.


While she is the girl known to brush her teeth with whiskey and objectify men the way male singers have been known to objectify women, she shows she is prone to heartbreak and openly talks about former lovers who have inspired her song writing.


My favorite thing about Ke$ha is her consistency.


She has been the same straight-forward, brash and bold artist she was when “Tik Tok” made its debut, torn fishnet stockings and all.


One thing that can be said about her is her devotion to her fans.


Not that other artists do not appreciate their fans as much as her, but it is clear Ke$ha knows she is where she is solely because of her fans and is as devoted to them as they are to her.


The most memorable scene was when a fan presented her with a book he wrote for her during a meet and greet.


He told her about his experiences with bullies as he cried and Ke$ha hugged him.


He explained how her music is his freedom and has helped him overcome his tormentors.


Ke$ha, who has never been a stranger to bullies, relates to her fans in this sense.


Some viewers, myself included, were moved by scenes like this and those showing her fans singing along to her music during a concert.


For an artist many believed to be a “one-trick pony,” I think there is more to Ke$ha than a lot of people see.


Granted, I am a biased party who has followed everything the girl has done since she was on MySpace.


Whether it is a love for the whiskey-drinking glitter enthusiast or just a mild curiosity, I recommend people watch her show.


“Ke$ha: My Crazy Beautiful Life” airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. on MTV.


Let me know if you need glitter.


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