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May 3, 2018



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In life you have to know when it is appropriate to speak your mind and when it is best to bite your tongue. In a business setting, sometimes this can be difficult to do when you are surrounded by people who do not share your work ethics or values.


Keeping a professional appearance starts by knowing how to keep your personal life and work life separate. How you may share friends inside and outside of work, and knowing what to discuss in the workplace and what to keep as private conversations.


Being able to do this will help keep your personal life private and your business not out in the open. In addition to this, it is pertinent to understand that there is a time and place for confrontation and a proper way to handle it.


If you have a problem with a fellow employee, do not go around talking about that person behind his or her back. Instead, attempt to confront them nicely and talk to them calmly in attempt to solve the problem between the two of you.


If the problem continues, request a private meeting with your supervisor to inform them and request their guidance in solving the issue. Once you have discussed it with your supervisor, keep your distance from the other person, but stay civil. You still have to work with this person. Be cordial, say hello and keep chitchat to work related items and move on about your day. This way, it is obvious you are keeping it professional and not causing any added drama to elevate the situation.


In the unfortunate circumstance you may have an issue with your supervisor, you need to be very cautious of how this is handled. Be sure not to discuss it with fellow employees and try to put your personal feelings aside so you can get your job done. Speak to another supervisor or manager about the situation to request assistance and guidance in how to resolve the issue at hand and then move on.


Regardless if the issue is in the workplace, a group setting or a class project, always remember that your outcome is what you decide it will be. If your attitude is positive and productive, the issue will resolve and not be escalated. If you decide you want to talk about this person to others and not handle it properly, you are only hurting yourself and jeopardizing your position in that company, group or your grade in the project.


Stay positive, keep productive, forgive easily and try not to hold a grudge. In doing so, much of life will be much less stressful.


Ashley Lambert is a senior communication major from Houston, Texas, who serves as a staff reporter for The Tech Talk. 


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