John Green returns with his first novel since 2012

January 17, 2018


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Turtles All the Way Down Rating – Three of Five Stars


“Turtles All The Way Down” was not one of John Green’s best works, but it also was not as overrated as others like “The Fault In Our Stars.” The story has excellent portrayal of mental illness in the main character, Aza, and also contains an interesting mystery story that keeps the reader interested until the very end.


However, having these two totally different plotlines mashed together in one book causes some confusion. If this book could be split in two separate stories, each one could have had their own spotlight and make a great book on their own.


“Turtles All The Way Down” also included the sarcastic humor and teen characters that are always used in Green’s novels. This is an obvious consistency within his writing, and it’s a major part of what makes his books so popular.


Only one character in this novel did not live up to this standard in particular. The main character’s best friend, Daisy, is annoying in so many ways I can not even begin to describe her. She is a good friend to Aza and makes her realize that she needs to care more about the people around her, but other than that she is just a loud character that the story could have done without.


The first few chapters start off a little slow and bland, as most of the characters are just being introduced with back story. The book starts to pick up a little as a billionaire who lives in the city becomes missing. Upon investigating this missing person, Aza reunites with an old friend who, of course, ends up being her love interest almost immediately as they make eye contact. This quick teen romance is also something that is always put into Green’s novels.


This is a part of his work that is sometimes seen as corny and melodramatic, but it is part of what interests his audience. Sometimes the conversations can get a little too dramatic as they talk deeply about the stars and life, but all in all it’s bearable to read.


The ending of this book is a little of a letdown because it leaves the reader still questioning things. I enjoy reading a book with some type of conclusion at the end. In “Turtles All The Way Down,” you are given some conclusions for some characters, but are still left with a mystery.


All in all, Green is an experienced writer and it definitely shows in his works and their success. “Turtles All The Way Down” is no different, as it is a decent book with the usual scenarios you expect from Green. It has a few distasteful characters and boring moments, but it makes up for it in other well-developed characters and interesting plot twists.


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