James Blake: ‘The colour in anything’

May 12, 2016


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2016 Polydor Ltd. (UK)

2016 Polydor Ltd. (UK)


Through his music and alluring vocals, James Blake has always done a beautiful job at invoking the emotions within us, even at the deepest levels.



With his fourth studio album, “The Colour In Anything,” he has taken this even further, playing on the same sound he always has, but incorporating something new–establishing himself as a bolder presence in the music industry.



The 17-track album is a fusion of inner sadness.



Kicking off the album with “Radio Silence,” he sets the tone of sadness through the loss of an important person in his life, most likely a lover.



These emotions are reiterated through the lyrics and the album, as it holds a melancholy feel but as is common with Blake’s music, still  has the potential to maintain an upbeat tone through his use of various electronic music.



This is what is so refreshing about Blake’s music. It is constantly a compare/contrast between sadness and happiness– it is always beautifully bittersweet.



Ranging from sadder songs like the album’s title base“ The Colour in Anything“ Blake sings about the end of a relationship and then to songs holding a more upbeat tempo such as “Always.”



This album is synchronized and beautifully done.



Collaborative efforts with Bon Iver in the album’s single song, “I Need A Forest Fire,” highlight the artists’ ability to work with like-minded musicians but remains true to his original sound.



The song, “Noise Above Our Heads” stands out as one of the more unique songs on the album.



Blake discusses how even through the hardest things this life has to offer color can be found in anything, representing hope.



In “Modern Soul,” Blakes talks about being at a crosswords, which this album is all about – being a crosswords at the end of love.



Blake shares a personal experience of a lost love and what he went through in battling letting it go or holding on to it fiercely.


I have always viewed Blake’s work as a musical canvas, as he is able to vividly portray his emotions, thoughts and music into the listeners ‘minds as if they are viewing all of these combined into one painting. And with the “Colour In Anything,” Blake tremendously portrays a canvas of sadness and loss into this world of sunshine, a fight  between the night and the day.


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