J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar: “Black Friday”

December 17, 2015



Kendrick Lamar (right) and J. Cole (left) remixed each others songs on Black Friday–Photo courtesy of watch loud.com

Kendrick Lamar (right) and J. Cole (left) remixed each others songs on Black Friday–Photo courtesy of watch loud.com

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Diehard hip-hop fans these days will claim that hip-hop is slowly dying.


It is very common for fans to express how there is no depth in rap anymore, how everyone sounds the same and not enough meaning is behind songs anymore.


With so much influence from southern culture, trap music is what dominates the industry today.


Needless to say how very popular and catchy dance songs are these days, they seem to have a helping hand in turning away hip-hop extremist.


Insert Kendrick Lamar, a West Coast juggernaut who fans believe is the second coming of Tupac.


Then bring in J. Cole, a lyrical heavyweight from North Carolina who is never shy about expressing how he truly feels.


With both rappers becoming iconic to the hip-hop community, fans wanting the two to work together on a sole project always seemed a little farfetched.


That was, until the release of remixes titled “Black Friday” Nov. 27. The two used each other’s most popular songs from their last album for their rendition.


Lamar used the song “A Tale of 2 Citiez” from Cole. Cole used the song “Alright” from Lamar.


The release of the collaboration was announced via Twitter, with each rapper crediting their portion of the song as a gift from the other.


Lamar did not shy away from his usual tactics, as he approached the song with his hard-nosed, heavily metaphorical lyrics.


His wordplay throughout the song is a case of pause and rewind, to make sure you keep up with everything he has to offer.


Cole followed suit, with his inquisitive lyrical style and often  humorous but powerful delivery.


He begins his verse by reassuring his fans that he is still “10 toes down,” a saying Cole states meaning he is all in.


For what surely has ‘fans playing on repeat, “Black Friday” stemmed two very important questions for fans of both men.


One question being: Who had the better verse? While the answers will surely vary among those super fans of either rapper, both men brought their A-game to the other’s track.


But the most important thing fans want to know is: When will they drop an album together?


This discussion has been brewing for years and constantly leaving fans wondering if something so great could even happen.


Both men elude to something in the works at the end of their verses, but abruptly get cut off when they mention it.


That type of psychological tactic will keep fans glued in on what they may be up to next, but for now, “Black Friday” is a gem to cherish.


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